TYT Army Task Force 2

GOOD EVENING TYT ARMY! I’m glad :grinning: to see all the new people who have joined recently and always happy to see the senior members! We’re here to do the important job of holding main stream media accountable for any bias and/or propaganda they display. TF2 – Research and Analysis :books: is a great place to begin .
Have you ever found yourself in a debate over the issues, but not feeling confident enough in your knowledge to answer with authority:thinking_face: ? I have. Have you ever watched the news and intuitively felt the bias and/or propaganda in their words or presentation:film_frames: ? I have. Have you ever found out information about an issue such as the NO DAPL movement in North Dakota and realized there was rarely a word spoken of it in main stream media :speak_no_evil:? I have. On the TF2 – Research and Analysis:books: team, you will find out all this information and more. You will have the ammunition:bomb: to fight :boxing_glove: back and call out main stream media and others for their misinformation, omission of information and downright lies. It’s all about holding media and others to account for gas-lighting the American public. And OH, Man………….Is it satisfying! Even more satisfying is when those we call out respond to our comments and information. Whether good or bad, the fact that they respond at all is validation that we hit a nerve:scream:. AWESOME:grin:!
I chose TF2 – Research and Analysis:books: because, as an introvert (mostly), I prefer working behind the scenes:movie_camera: . Furthermore, I am a very curious :microscope:person and look up whatever strikes my interest at the moment. Most of the research I have done in the past was mostly done for college papers and my own self-education. This has been a somewhat different experience. There is quite a lot to learn, but it is very fulfilling. I have worked my way up to 1 Star Captain :star: without really trying. By that I mean, I wasn’t trying for promotion, I just enjoyed the work so much that I proceeded to do more and more as my time allowed. The plus :heavy_plus_sign: side for all your efforts is knowing that you are doing something worthwhile and will potentially make a difference for the future :crystal_ball: .If you like to learn, research and are generally curious, TF2 – Research and Analysis:books: is for you. Come join us with the application shown below
https://bittyurl.co/9XJ8 (edited)


Lmao the irony is priceless, I was in tf2 and asked to resign for doing just that, and the fact I was right pretty much precise on every subject I brought up, all my assumptions we’re shot down. with actual critic but y’all were cool while it lasted, but saying doing is absolutely 2 different things, calling it out, debate me if you like.

Nice promo. Have to make sure to post here too, next time I do a promo. lol. Cheers & Go TF2!!