TYT Army's Weekly Bias/Propaganda Watch List for August 23 2021

Be on the lookout for potential biases this week here are the potential things we are looking for, please submit any biases or propaganda to Submit Media Bias - TYT Army
Vaccine FDA Approval
Potential Bias: What kind of sources are the media citing? Are they using experts and trusted sources or politicians and pundits? We’re already seeing “it isn’t approved by the FDA” → “pshhh, you trust the FDA?”
Potential Bias: Who are the media bringing on to talk about this (i.e. pro-war, military industrial complex folks)? Are multiple perspectives being shown?
Potential Bias: Are the media disclosing the backgrounds and potential conflicts of interest with the guests or authors that they bring on?
Infrastructure Bills
Potential Bias: Will the media call out these Democrats for obstructing the plan in the same way that progressives would be called out if they did the same?


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