TYT Army's Weekly Bias/Propaganda Watch List (June 28, 2021)

Hey everyone! Every week TYT Army’s Task Force 1 puts together a list of media trends and areas where we think anti-Progressive bias/propaganda may pop up. Here’s this week’s list:

  • Infrastructure - Don’t allow the media to portray progressives as the bad guys as they fight for a better provisions in the infrastructure bill and/or an additional reconciliation bill. Watch out for media focusing more on bipartisanship than the actual effects of the bill.
  • Bipartisanship - Does the compromise with the Republicans actually lead to any progress on infrastructure? Bipartisanship on for bipartisanship’s sake isn’t a goal!
  • Coronavirus Pandemic - Be aware of a US-centric perspective regarding the Delta variant.
  • Whitewashing Trump, his supporters, and his former officials
  • For the People Act / HR1 - What narrative is the media creating regarding the immediacy of this legislation? Call out bias by omission when the media doesn’t question Biden about the importance of this bill.

If you spot any of the items above, please submit through our website (tytarmy [dot] org [slash] submit-a-story)

Taking a few minutes to help us out would be much appreciated. We are #toostrong when we work together!


Love this! Here’s the clickable url for those who can help: Submit Media Bias - TYT Army


You forgot:

Critical Race Theory- in reality a college study, not curriculum for primary or secondary schools. This talking point was fabricated, however the recent discovery of thousands of US Christian schools teaching the KKK weren’t racist and that their crimes against humanity were justified seems to be connected to the strategy.

Education- Teachers did not keep kids out of school, they tried their best to accommodate parents without risking the children’s lives.
We were also waiting for educators to get a chance at the vaccine first. In the end, we got the kids back to school nationwide.
Kids are also getting infected just as fast as adults, time will tell if the death toll reaches that of adults, but the child deaths from covid we have already is a tragedy; and parents are still trying to intervene in their children’s lives by putting them at risk.

The Wall- was not engineered, that’s why it’s falling over.

The election- still, nothing. Not sure what to say here, even the botched audit of Cyber Ninjas doesn’t phase Trump supporters, they are truly embracing fascism, there is no truth that will reach them.

It’s a real mess out there isn’t it?