We cannot keep going on like this

We need to break completely from the machinations of the Democratic Party, and restrict them from the donations of our grassroot support.

All our money goes through them, and all our marketing, advertising, efforts to mobilize and inform the people are met with grifters and scam artists.

I must stop all donations, FOR EVERYONE.

I’m sorry Nina, I’m sorry Bernie, until you get off the Democrat teabag, donating to your cause is not donating to you at all, or Progressives for that matter, or the candidate in question.

You want our money for what?
We’ve already forgotten to address the lack of marketing.

People didn’t know what was on the Reconciliation Infrastructure Bill until it was already renamed Build Back Better and put down behind the shed.

Joe Manchin’s enthusiasm for $6 trillion was curbed by the Non-partisan committee Sinema, and now Manchin thinks it’s ok to take the stage and expose himself to the nation.

Because we donate to the campaign of blue.

For a fraction of what you supposedly get from any Progressive candidate, I could have done so much more in terms of… actual advertising and marketing, at least make it look like I did something.

Whoever was head of marketing for BBB, get their bonus back.

I’m not going to continue to try and fund the Progressives through Democrats.

New plan please, I’m done with this one.

Guess what?

Nina Turner proves that Progressives line the Democrat purse.

What happens to Nina’s campaign contributions?
Does it continue to serve Nina or does it serve Democrats?

I know the answer, fuck this party, when do we start our own already?

The Progressive Caucus can put their cock in their own ass.

We only need a fraction of that funding to do what we need to do.
That money can do so much if you’re not lining pockets all the time!