We've really become lazy ass a society, and the rich that are in power(PRIME EXAMPLE)

This is a hard concept that I’ve been struggling with lately, over population. So I’m definitely not a conspiracist, I’m simply stating what I see, and trying to make connection from every different angle, think of it as your outlet during holiday times lol. Ok, I’ve noticed most communities stem from a central major city or capital, usually quite populated. Now as you move away communities begin to get much more rural in correlation. This in it self creates a dynamic of divide(beside the point, but does offer perspective), while even though local, unique cultures from town to towns and cities are developed based of different topography of specific areas. My question why is the current day population so highly densified, when other regions have space available? This causes not only inflation because of supply and demand, but also competition amongst our self where I feel we’ve reached a threshold for. Shouldn’t we be using our wisdom & intellect to reach an equilibrium of sustainability, we have land to propagate and grow, but we monetize everything to make it simpler. Why build another city if we a have a perfect good one right here, let just stack humans on top each other to create space, not realizing that there are subsequent effects later. We have the solutions, but the people in lead are just to damn lazy. They rather focus on a dollar and power to live lavish selfish life over their own when they aren’t living themselves, and honestly impeding chances for everyone else basically through malice. I know we need to make a change soon, because if don’t, bruh I dono.

We need to make change soon, how do you expect to do that?
With the Progressive Party?
Alongside their strong leadership?
This year has been a kick in the pants, not only did Democrats turn out to be even more corrupt than we had originally thought, our own Party is being run by complete buffoons.
There is no denying the truth, we lost BBB and Jayapal is STILL asking for another!

We need to fix ourselves before we fix the world!
TYT is the voice that is disregarded among Progressive strategy!
Bernie! AOC! We’re all “too radical” because we want to get things done.
We want to be sensible and not gullible!

But gullible is exactly what Jayapal is choosing yet again, and I couldn’t tell you what Bernie’s and AOC’s chances are.
Even after these blunders, I have doubt that AOC has the political clout to take the Party!
We need to replace the whole leadership! Ro has to go too! Pretty much anyone in leadership right now.

America has problems, but we need to set that aside and deal with ours first, right now we have nothing.

ok jedi, me and you are hella cool, and we’ve come quite a ways, and I actually agree with you. Could you try to maybe look at my explanation and possibly apply it within your context. If you need me to explain my standpoint or meaning, ask prior to flying off the handle plz lol. My explanation has a lot to do with your response, in actuality maybe a remedy. I could spell it out, but it takes away the factor of realizing yourself. Let me know what you come up with.

Frameworks I put up address some main concerns:
First, the Progressive Party has no direct contact with their base. If I have to guess, I would say Democrats proxy between leaders and constituents, plus we have a Progressive caucus which are pretty much our handlers, let’s face it at this point.
It might explain Jayapal’s behavior.

Because now we have a public problem now, Progressives vs. leadership.
In fact, this might be the thing we didn’t know we needed.
Get us out from under the caucus, the caucus are the ones refusing to listen to us.

We brought Ro Khana and called the whole thing, and they’re still pretending?

I think we’ve been in a cage this whole time.

You called it, nothin will work under their circumstances, so first step is making our own circumstances, at the end of the day they work for the public and relay on our tax dollars to continue their investment and we already displayed our disapproval, so we just need to work on how to mobilize numbers, which will take work, but will work because the alternative isn’t going to be good. They know this and want to see how long they can get away with it, it’s time have them face the music, I’ve been looking to see if there is impeachment sort with congress members through public means, still got work to do!

ArtII.S4.1.2.1 Offices Eligible for Impeachment

Look at Manchin’s constituents.
Sinema is just as bad as W.Va, but we’ve got DACA and all kinds of legal issues that Sinema can be Sinema and hide in her congressional bathroom.

People need help, and they choose progress.