What is the plan?

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The debates didn’t go so well, or did they?

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Ad nauseam and non-sequitur seem a bit over done.

I think it is time for red herrings, or retro up some hasty generalizations, and false dilemmas?

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Many members on this platform have presented and discussed plans of action. Cenk asked members to take a poll and vote amongst us as to what we feel is the best way forward Important Update
To your actual question and apparent purpose of this post, TYT is a community and I think that making a plan forward for Operation Hope is something we’re doing together now. Pretty sure the consensus is close.

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@over9000 Right, there is an agenda, however, when it comes from going from A to B in life, you need a plan as to how to get to B. You cannot declare B, and then expect to get to B without figuring how to get to B.

I think one would have to show a maturity enough to handle such information? I suppose your plan is to figure out the plan. Then do a really good job of collaborating?

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I will be participating as the deliverables come along.

I will concede to @vanidackp: A plan is totally necessary, otherwise we would them be celebrating accomplishments that we get by accident or just expecting to be thrown a bone by the ones in power: Not gonna happen.

But, @vanidackp, a plan requires that we gain consensus of the goals, otherwise we would be planning our way to… where? That is our current state of affairs in which what our meta-plan is: You seem to be requesting for the specific goals, we are to gain consensus first. Please check my post in there:

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@enduser Do you want me to figure out everything for you? I could hand out the answers, but I doubt most would listen, or should listen, for several reasons. First of all, I could just be wrong, and if one has handed over their agency to me, I am then responsible for their failure. Even if I were right, and the plan was not followed properly, that still could lead to failure. Finally, because I do not know everything about all the actors involved in such a plan, it is practically impossible for me to come up with an effective plan.

An effective plan will only arise from extensive collaboration, and would be extremely difficult to implement because of all involved, but success or failure, the formation of a community with like-minded goals could form the basis for collaboration with other communities to pursue shared goals.

None of this is possible for any faction, until it figures out for itself, how to get from A to B.

Maybe initial plans do not work out as desired (justice Democrats for instance), but the community then has something to build upon.

Choose one thing as a start. Do that. Go from there. That is doable. Trying to do all the things all at once is practically impossible.

I would suggest the first thing to be something that would make future plans more doable, such as regulating campaign finance, for example, reversing Citizens United.

As part of figuring out A to B, it is probably a good idea to form infrastructure to financially support allies, such as politicians, activists, and outreach.

I don’t like how this convo devolved, but I hope that I can help maybe on pointing at our common ground and work together towards the overarching goals of bringing positive change to the world.

Conflict is totally expected (#Anawasright)

But I think that the fact that there is little external moderation in this forum is because the leaders above are expecting us to auto-regulate in a productive and effective way. After all, we share a common goal: Bringing positive change to the real world, to the fourth wall, the wall that matters: reality, our shared reality. That IS why I chose my nickname: as a perpetual reminder of that goal.


The most succinct way to explain it is a series of tools that will interlock.

These tools will act as a project oriented mentorship network housed in a decentralized governance structure.

The plan for now is balanced growth. The secondary plan is to get Cenk in to office. Build out tools that would help Cenk now, and still be useful post run.

One thing that may have puzzled you is that how do you explain to someone that your building a incubator for collaboration? The plan is to build the thing that builds things…

Remember don’t put to much importance in a plan. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face - Mike Tyson. What is more important is now is stability and balanced growth.

At some point many plans will be made. Plans on plans!

@enduser Cenk has almost no chance of becoming president. If he had not burned bridges with the justice Democrats, he might have had some of the building blocks towards a foundation to move towards becoming president.

History has shown that someone that has almost no chance of becoming president could become president, but Cenk does not have the foundation required for that, and he and the TYT community are not currently building that foundation.

Interesting assessment, I wonder if it isn’t flawed?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it.

Why are you here gazing at the pudding if you doubt that it exists?

I do see [having Justice Democrats] as an arbitrary requirement to win. I do see a path to victory for Cenk, but as @enduser mentioned, we would have to get into the needy-greedy of those and that is not the current topic. I don’t even know if Cenk’s campaign is to be one of Operation Hope’s goals. I would love it if that were the case, but I don’t know if that is convenient or allowed.

There are other topics where that is discussed, but some of them are in General Discussion.

@enduser It could exist, but if you only have enough change to buy a donut, no one is going to give you a cake for the price of the donut. You need to earn more in order to be able to afford the cake.

I wouldn’t buy the garbage at the store. We are making home made cakes here. Not only that, but you don’t need so much money when you cut out the cake factory.

@enduser Sounds good. How are you going to recruit enough people to cut out the cake factory? What is the plan?

It is not a rule that @enduser is going to come up with all the specific plans. We can, in order to be productive, create a topic with title: “Strategies to Galvanize our Movement for Collective Action” and we can all chime in.


@fourthwall_dragon I think that is a good idea. I am relatively new member, so I do not think it is appropriate for me to start such a topic, but if you start the topic, I will share my ideas there.