What is the plan?

I did not ask what the agenda was, I asked what the plan was. Those are not the same thing.

One big piece of the plan to save democracy and ensure more ability for Americans to distinguish between good faith actors and spreaders of disinformation & fascism may well be The Pro Truth Pledge, along with technological tools to hold people accountable - I write about this in a Medium article: https://medium.com/@guinevere42/social-pressure-to-speak-truth-the-potential-power-of-the-pro-truth-pledge-ae2a2a618f7b

Ok, something that falls under the category of “people do whatever”. What’s the plan?

btw, some great people have already signed the pledge - what it needs now is (1) publicity & putting pressure on others to take it & (2) some tech automation to help (as I mention in the Medium article) which is easy & there already exists the auto-context-and-fact part. Among those who have already signed it:

Beto took it!!

Tim Ryan, who was defeated ny JD Vance - buit who has been regular on Meidas Touch, Crooked Media, etc - took the pledge too:

Also, for example:

Skeptical Science


Bill Townsend

If you just want to talk about the Pro-Truth Pledge, can you just start your own topic instead of trying to hijack this one? All I want to know is if anyone has a plan.

Hello and good morning, everyone!

@vanidackp There is a plan, and it is currently in execution: I will tag along what I mean by this later today. I will also address the opening of your topic, but for now I will just say that progressives are not a minority. The minority might be the ones that, like me, label themselves as progressives. But, in granular terms, the specific provisions, most people agree on the progressive ones, because they aim to human betterment.

And @guinliberty , I totally get where you are coming from. You have a great idea with truth pledge, and I am on board with it. It is frustrating to have great intentions and ideas and be ignored but let me give you some solace in the fact that You are not being ignored.

Your idea did not enter the category of legislation, that is why we haven’t put it up for voting. The scope was temporarily narrowed until Dec 5th. This was originally on Dec 1st as per Cenk’s request / Current Mission - TYT Discussion Boards. We should have done a better job in informing the people, I will grant that. Your idea has already been mapped under [Strategic] category. Does this category fit for your idea?

Please stay tuned


Progressives are absolutely the minority. According to Gallup 2020, only 26% of Americans consider themselves liberal. Only 47% of Democrats consider themselves liberal or very liberal. Just because the majority of Americans agree with a handful of progressive ideas, doesn’t make America progressive. It just means the majority of Americans agree with a handful of progressive ideas.

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You are repeating a portion of what I said: The polls do refer to auto-labeling. And misconstruing another: I haven’t said that they are a handful of them… I am not saying they’re not neither; in fact,

I will point out, though. The amount of them is an oversimplistic analysis of it. I would factor in how important is, for the person, those specific ideas.

Please stay tuned

I think the problem you will find with a pro truth pledge is you now will be able to label others untruthful. So, does that promote what you really want accountability? How do you stop others from tyrannical abusing this pledge? I think you will have to focus on accountability and transparency of Disaster Avoidance Experts first.

@fourthwall_dragon I definately did not repeat anything you said in your post. I also don’t really understand what you are trying to say in your last post. Finally, I really do not find it helpful to have my questions answered with a response that amounts to something like “we’ll tell you later”.

The plan is to persuade others to become progressive, I think it’s pretty simple.

@enduser Ok, how? An important element of plans is figuring the “how to do it”, otherwise it is just an intent, or a want, or a wish. Also, what is the realistic likelihood of accomplishing such a plan? A plan without any realistic likelihood of accomplishing its goals is not a useful plan.

Here are my words, you address them and said the same: Th eones that consider themselves progressives are a minority.

I apologize for not making myself clear on last post. That is the reason of me replying later… for a better explained, clear answer for you. I don’t like unproductive conversations and that is most likely to happen if I don’t take my time in providing an Undeniably Clear answer (that is my standard). This conversation might be evidence of it.

I ill rather take my time in answering well, maybe you can’t wait, but this conversation is not supposed to be synchronous, and don’t get me wrong, I prefer talking, it doesn’t get more synchronous than that. But I will sacrifice time for quality in this case, please allow me to.

I think this will be a by-product of what we are doing here. But the plan is to bring positive change to the world. How to? That’s the next step: we have just come in consensus to “what” narrowed to Legislation. That is the voting that was counted yesterday Poll Results: Legislation ideas .

@vanidackp This is a piece of what I intend as a reply to your topic. But I will need more time to elaborate to better satisfy your concerns: It must be the concern of the whole community, that is why I consider that a thorough answer is needed. I hope you can understand. In the meanwhile, do have a nice day. I’ll get back to you.

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@fourthwall_dragon I am not sure how you consider the phrases “progressives are not a minority” and “progressives are absolutely the minority” the same. They are not. If you prefer to provide an undeniably clear answer, I am a little confused as to why you are jumping into the conversation before you are ready to provide it. Not only do I find that unhelpful, but also very confusing. I can wait for however long it takes you to come up with that undeniable clear answer. I can agree with you that it is not very helpful for you to jump into a topic before you are ready to give that undeniably clear answer.

I am making the distinction of “self-labeld progressives” Vs their affiliation to progressive ideas: how many progressive ideas, what percentage of the American public is in favor and what level of importance do they assign to those ideas (the so-called bread-n-butter issues seem to have more importance)?

I see you might be confused because you were not getting that distinction. The distinction does make a difference.

We can do segmented analysis Vs political Affiliation, Age group, etc. That is the deliverable of: How Preogressive is the American People? A Statistical Descriptive Analysis.

English is not my first language, and I apologize for the instances in which I don’t make myself clear. I would rather use video instead.

The Plan, though, I am composing the thorough answer. It will be text, but I might use some pics too.

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@fourthwall_dragon Ok, I kind of see what you’re trying to say. Here’s the problem: I want answers based on fact, legitimate research, and/or sound logical reasoning.

You can say that Americans are actually progressive because everyone agrees on bread and butter political ideas, but that really does not mean anything until you show what those issues are, and how those issues correlate with America being progressive.

First of all, just because many agree on an idea such as having social assistance, does not mean everyone wants the same thing when it comes to social assistance. Some want universal or minimum basic income, and some want social assistance to only cover a portion of one’s basic needs AND impose work requirements for such social assistance. Those are very different things, despite the fact that all concerned want social assistance.

Additionally, if you actually examine bread and butter political ideas, such as in CBS’s list of things Americans agree on, compiled from YouGov polling data (50 surprising things Americans actually agree on), we can actually see that these things range from progressive to conservative. There is no common political demarcation such as “progressive ideas” that these things fall under.


I think I explain it well here:

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I very much like your pointers in here. I will make sure to include this point of view on my analysis. @vanidackp

@enduser So let me get this straight. Your solution is treat everyone else as children and psychologically assault them until they agree with you. Do I actually have to explain how that is not progressive at all?