Working together - Poor People's Campaign Mass Assemblies on March 2, 2024

Hi everyone. I love TYT. They are the majority of the news I watch. One of the things I think we need to do for all causes is work together. So many groups work on the same causes/issues but not together. Poor People’s Campaign hopes to fix that. On March 2, 2024, 30 states with PPC are having mass assemblies at their statehouses simultaneously. And we hope so many of you, wherever you are, will join us. PPC works to fix all interlocking injustices including poverty, systemic racism, ecological devastation and the denial of health care, militarism and the war economy, and the distorted moral narriative of religious nationalism and white supremscy. I am a Tr-Chair for New Jersey Poor People’s Campaign and I would love to see many of our TYT family in Trenton yelling loudly with us about any injustice. One voice. In NJ, 10 am in Mill Hill Park in Trenton, 1030 am march to the statehouse, rally at the statehouse from 11 am to 1 pm. Wherever you are, join your state in unison to make our world a better place. People over profit! Much love to you all!


Protests have their place but they are so dramatically emphasized that they offend the rest of the secular world. That only leads to mutual antagonism, not peaceful cooperation and change.
If all you can do is gripe without presenting some sort of specific agenda that has appeal to everyone because it will improve everyone’s lives, not just the marginalized but EVERYONE.

Additionally, stop intimating, if not outright claiming that the entire Christian world presents a “distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism”. That is simply not true.

Finally, we all need to understand (be educated enough to know) that you can’t help people in the ways we want them to be helped without proit. The cry should not be “people over profit”. It should be “profit for all people”. There is no definition extant in the world today, that I know of, that specifies when profit becomes excessive. It should be a general principle that no individual needs to be able to garner hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to feed his so-called personal “needs”. I’ll tell you what I believe and what I suspect God believes should motivate people that amass that kind of wealth. God would have them be spiritually moved to use however much of that wealth as is necessary to help the outcasts of the societies of the world: the least, the last and the lost, regardless of sex, physical handicaps, or any other circumstance. Those able to amass that kind of wealth have to equally dedicated to develop the public enterprises to achieve that as they have been and still are dedicated to build the enterprises that provide that kind of wealth. Damn the tax code incentives and spend the damn money on truly improving everyone’s lives.

H.Res 532 - Third Reconstruction to start with. As for this event it is not a protest. It is a call for making things better. A call for people to vote. To actually make change. This is not the end it is the beginning.

The part about distorted moral narriative is not directed at any particular religion. Nor to say any religion is wrong. But far to often organized relegions, or at least sects of them, do horrible things “in the nane of god” or whatever. Completely ignoring what the religions are originally based on. I am a christian. But i actially try and follow christ. But many folks in many religions distort the true meanings.

Calitalism and greed. Everyone could easily havevat least the basic needs excelt capitalism and greed prevent that. Sad.

Thanks for commenting. Happy to keep the discusdion going.


I did a quick dive into the PPC because I don’t recall hearing of it. I’m not highly educated, but after learning the details I am completely unsurprised that this is something that wasn’t covered in my public schooling. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I feel like it’s as important now as it was in its first iteration.
It is a call to action now, and if ignored could probably lead to large organized protests. The wealth gap continues to grow, and people are increasingly desperate for real impactful change. Our political leaders and their corporate donors seem uninterested in the roots of any of our problems.
Hopefully the PPC assemblies will at least garner some attention from the corporate media, but they will likely try to obfuscate or mislead the narrative. Power to the people is very much a threat to the systems of government in America today.
People from all walks of life should support this, except I suppose the wealthy who want to hold on to money and power more than life itself. Life is what’s on the line here, for millions of Americans and hundreds of millions worldwide.
Again @treehugger222 thanks for posting this.

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The wealth gap has gotten insanely out of hand. Part of whst PPC is doing is raising awareness. Part is getting groups to work together. Part is getting people to the polls. So many people dont vote. But voting can make change, although major change can take generations.

Thanks for looking into the history. The fight continues. Check out H.Res. 532: Third reconstruction for some goals of all of this. It was just re-introduced in summer of 2023.


OK. I am willing to admit that I don’t know anything about an organized movement called the Poor People’s Campaign. How does one find out the details of this organization, its statement of purpose, structure and how to be engaged with it, if one should be moved to do so?
I stand by the content of my earlier response, especially when Tree Hugger222 impugns the Christian faith and then denies that is what his comment did. In the United States, how could “the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism…” refer to anything but the Chrisian faith?

Well, what do you know! I found the PPC web site. I’ve watched the trailer video, read the principles and have started to read the demands. So far, I have a question or comment or two but I am impressed to some degree. I will withhold my comments and questions until I’ve read all of what the PPC is about.
I live in North Carolina. Who might I contact in the state? I live in Catawba County.

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Thanks for looking into PPC! And any questions. Our ideals ofeten very much in line with thoes of our lovely TYT hosts (Im watching the Damage Report as i write this). I do not personally have a great deal of knowkedge about the history of PPC. Reverend Barber often says we are an organism not an organization.

Interestingly my mother moved to NC, in the same county you are in I believe. I will find out who you can contact in NC.

As for the issue with “distorted moral narriative of religious nationalism” that can be applied to any religion anywhere in the world where any people do or say things in the name of a religion that actually go agsinst the fundamental ideals/principles of the religion.

Side note: I am a Christian myself. I do my best to follow Jesus teachings. People i work with in activism belong to many religions and i respect them all.

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Here is a link to a press conference national Poor People’s Campaign held this morning about our simultaneous mobilizations planned for March 2:

So, I’m just now jumping into this thread. By my observation, your initial defensive reaction regarding Christianity seemed a bit foolish. To be clear, I mean no disrespect, and there is no shame in this, I’m only providing feedback. That said, my point is to say I am very grateful you still looked into the details of PPC. And that said, the original post could be easily misinterpreted as to be inflammatory.

As a Christian brother I highly regard the PPC. And for you @ironduke (and anyone interested), I might recommend a book titled: “…and forgive them their debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption From Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year”. The book can be a bit dense with history at times (admittedly I skimmed some of the excess historical evidence for the book’s points). The density makes sense since the author is an exceptional economist focused on the historical foundations of money, informing broader writing objectives throughout his books. My point here is that this book demonstrates the geopolitical economic history which at times overlaps significantly with the history and teachings of Christ. Christianity aside, the book primarily provides great insights into the origins and functions of debt.

I’d be happy to continue with more discussion if anyone is interested, but I also wouldn’t want to wander too far from the thread.

EDIT: I went and found a good interview with the author about the book, for any interested in the main points:

I attempted to volunteer in 2018-2019. I had a really good call with someone for a about an hour. They seems super enthusiastic about some of the stuff I was working on / reveled here.

I never got a follow up call so I guess my contact information was lost.

I have volunteered for 5 campaigns over the years (Cenk’s twice, Dean Phillips) an never once got an email back. I must be doing it wrong, lol.

I do love what they are doing though!

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Sadly lack of follow-up is common with many groups. Ive had that happen many times myself. I cantvspeak for anyone other groups or state PPC’s but i always do 1 on 1 with people if they are interested, and follow-up right away. Keeping intetested people engaged is very important.


My compliments to you three, Jared123456, Treehugger222, and Enduser. I have a tendency to have a defensive mentality, so I appreciate that each of you have given me expressions of your faith. Frequently, even among Christians, I sense that there are distinctly disparate beliefs regarding what the Bible means and how it should be applied to the ever-changing social structures of the world. For example, in the political world of today in the U.S.A., I find myself holding political views that are largely very different from those of my Christian brothers and sisters.
I believe I am in a small group of people that believes you can have quite conservative religious views that in the context of today’s political climate translate into quite liberal political posits. For years, I have been vigorously opposed for that reason. Most often, I am not reasonably or logically opposed. I am called insulting names, etc.
I appreciate being in the company of people that respect the view of others. That’s how progress is made. Having said that, I have the feeling that you chaps are my intellectual superiors. I can tell you have studied and learned material that is beyond what I have acquired.

Well, I’m glad our paths brought us together. I would be curious, (if you’ve had a chance to check out the video I previously linked, featuring a historian with PPC), what you might find interesting or of significance from their discussions.

EDIT: what comes to mind for me, is how a historical interpretation of the bible, as was given in the video, results in conservative principles which produce liberal policy, eg debt cancelation.

jared123456, can you post that link again? I have yet to find any contact information for someone associated with PPC in North Carolina. Not that I can’t get involved after March 2 but that date looms LARGE on the horizon. Not that I could participate but, as Christian, I can certainly pray for the effort. I am a poll worker at the NC primary on March 5. First time to venture into that area of elections. I voted early.

The email addresses for PPC states sre generally [email protected]. So North Carolina should be [email protected]


Yeah, it was an edit to my earlier comment; easy to miss :turtle: