2 Asks for the shut down and reelecting McCarthy

In the Ro Khanna interview, he asked for two issues to put forward as asks of McCarthy for the speaker vote and the gov’t shutdown. I agree Paid Family Leave should be one of the asks but what are some ideas for the second?

I am thinking something that will bring in the labor movement, like, the PRO-Act, or Bernie’s plans the Healthy Families Act and the HELP Act. I’m not sure if these have been voted on in the house but the idea would be to piggyback off the success of the labor movement. The American people have labor on the brain and capitalizing on that could help galvanize a larger progressive movement if we work alongside labor movements.

Keep throwing out ideas, the more the better! Hopefully once we have the asks we can narrow down some approaches to getting them talked about in congress and the media (and maybe passed!)

In fact more to this point we need a visualized version of the triage in politics that has been prioritized in the most recent past.