4-Day Work Week

Now that the UAW is specifically throwing this into the bargaining ring, it needs to be a part of the national conversation. The standard of a 5-day work week is well over a century old, and it was originally a compromise, because the initial request was a 3-day work week, and the bosses said they would go for five and talk it down to three later; never happened. Now is the time.


Never knew that information. In that regard, a 4-day work week is also a compromise compared to 3. They can’t say we aren’t reasonable!


Has there ever been a model considered of splitting one job between two people for alternating 3 and 4-work weeks? The cost of paying each person well and providing them with benefits could be offset by increased productivity from being able to keep your entity open more days, longer hours without grinding your workers to the bone. Unemployment could be significantly reduced if not practically eliminated if this model could apply to enough types of operations. Been in my thought plane for years, wondered why more business oriented minds than mine haven’t thought of it. Can’t hurt to ask.

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I like that idea. Would eliminate overtime as well, saving money for the company, and time for the employee.