A new type of gender reveal

The nature of oppressions is that no one escapes it. It amplifies by all those that resonate with it.

All people of all gender identity should know this simple truth, we love you.

When your abused for so long it is hard to stop fighting, the frenzy of war is intoxicating. Stop focusing on the reversal of freedoms. We all see it, the important part here is to reach an equilibrium with your victories intact as much as possible. We are stepping into a new phase where you must claim your narration. Using finesse will win many victories both in and out of battle.

You must capture the imagination of your adversary and force them to see your perspective. This feat will not be accomplished by anything less then a collective of individuals that are adept in their paths. Not only that but they must operate with unity of purpose in this effort.

I had a concept to help describe gender that maybe useful:

I feel the thing that messed up our society many ways is that removal of the books of Enoch from the canonized biblical corpus. This was a blasphemy that we’re bonded to even now. This wicked act has chained us collectively theist and atheist alike. In those books they explain how heaven had two humans Enoch, and Elijah (co-brothers) ascend from earth to become angels. This really is the metaphor for gender identity. Sandalphon is the feminine and Metatron is the masculine. Your sex organs have nothing to do with your relationship to the masculine or feminine outside of hormonal secretion and procreation. Indeed some are gifted to resonate with both and harmonize their resonance to either polarity sympathetically. Put another way think of your identity as a polarity that produces an attractive field.

I am not saying stop using the current linguistics. I am saying maybe some will find this useful to inform how they view those identifies.

I think the community has taken attempts at humor as attacks. If the humor was in good faith, show restraint. You must show restraint in practice, yes they are ignorant, why make an adversary when you could make a friend?

Standing apart isn’t a good idea when the wolves are at your door.

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Not going to lie:

I am not a religious person and don’t take much stock in anything the bible has to say.

That said, I think we can agree:

People should be respected for who they are…and who ‘they are’ …is whoever they say they are and feel they are.

My ONLY issue. The ONLY one I have is that I do now believe trans women should compete with Cis women in professional sports for scholarships or money.

That’s it.

That is the ONLY THING.

For that ONE thing I have been called transphobic. Harassed. Even been doxxed somehow and had a hateful thing sent to my house.

But despite all that: I still would like to find common ground.

I am willing to support ALMOST all trans issues. ALMOST all.

Except the sports issue.

I’m not the uncompromising one. If you can’t meet me on the VERY REASONABLE AND SCIENTIFICALLY BASED GROUND.

And I get it…it comes at the core idea of 'Trans women=women." But no. Ok. No. Transwomen BIOLOGICALLY are not women. .

Transwomen BIOLOGICALLY are men who GENDER IDENTTY as women.


I do not understand what is so hard for people to understand about this.

I wish I was Tan skin, 6 feet tall, and had blonde hair.

Be glad the technology exist to let you be who you truly are without pushing limits.

Because, no matter how much a transwoman tries…she will never TRULY be a woman anymore than my 5.4" ass I will be 6.5 t tall.

Life is a motherfucking bitch. And society has an obligation to compromise to each individual…>>>ONLY UP UNTIL A POINT.

Now. Republicans making fun of a bunch of short people? That would not play well. Republicans making fund of Trans people plays well. So that gets their base fired up. And makes trans people feel fucking special.

NOBODY is fucking special

We ALL have fucking issues

NOBODY is happy with themselves.

Figure THAT out…and you MIGHT begin to figure out life.

And learn to be happy with yourself.

My point basically is this:

Yes. I want to respect a trans person for who they want to be and who they feel you are as much as possible.

But that respect does not come without consideration to the rest of society. And the OTHER PEOPLE a trans person effects. The most offensive part to me is just how much a trans-person, in their demand for inclusion, does not realize their selfishness.

How can I, as a cis man, disregard cis women…who cis men have oppressed…and favor a transwomen. A man who wants to be a women…>OVER a cis -woman.

If you do not understand that. Than you do not have my support. Period. The end.

I think you suffered by the actions of a few, and you assigned that blame to the group. I am not saying the community didn’t work together to cause you pain. I am saying you are in turn will cause others pain if, you don’t make the effort to the see the other side. That pain is yours to heal not breed and become a chronic wound. Do you not realize that is what you, and your attacker both suffer from? You have been bitten by the same poison.

Stop focusing on an a red herring. You don’t have the ability to come up some law that will protect some women that are in danger. If you did the law would me nothing, if women aren’t protected by a healthy society. Does righteous indignation at the slight provocation make for a healthy society?

Everything is a case by case bases. Sometimes it should be allowed, other times not. Anything else is non-sense. Don’t allow your mind to rot in the cesspool of clickbait, it is rancid practice of masochism.

Your anger is monetized. Are you going to allow those “alpha” males to dominate in such a way?

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I really do not get what you mean. I support trans rights other than trans-women participating in high level sports.

And I think a serious discussion needs to be had about trans-women being given the same access to, for example women’s dorms, in college.

Because I Assure you…You can Identify as a woman, as a man, and still be attracted to women.

But I am not sure how my respecting a persons personal boundaries is an issue.

From my perspective the bottom line is this:

Every persons personal space an boundary should be respected, up to and including gender identity. At issue is then personal boundaries and spaces cross each other.

When they do…A discussion needs to be had. A fair and honest discussion.

So long as people are willing to have that discussion I am fine.

My issue is with people in the trans-community having a position…and if you don’t agree with it…the discussion is over.

Now. If you would like to have a discussion: I am 100% for it. But I am not understanding what you are arguing/disagreeing with me about.

For starters: There is no ‘anger’ here. Frustration is not anger.

As for ‘Alpha males’…

#1 The entire concept of Alpha/Beta etc in Wolves has been dis-proven

#2 Though I will grant you dominant personalities DO exist…I will tell you I am a person with a VERY dominant personality…yet have my moments of extreme weakness and vulnerability.

It is all about time and place.

I think the ‘red herring’ is the entire Trans issue. Because while we are talking about it…we are not talking about the fact min wage was not passed. Voting rights were not passed. And Abortion rights are getting slaughtered across the country.

It isn’t that I don’t care about trans people.

It is that trans people are 0.6% of the population taking up 95% of the air time and not even having the decency to respect my opinion and I am sick of it so just want the entire issue to go the fuck away.

And if/when you respond with something like "Trans people will never go away will always 'blah blah blah blah blah "

As I said.

Trans people make up 0.6% of the population.

You aren’t fucking special.

The conservatives are making trans people feel special just to distract from all the other shit going wrong.

Seriously. Welcome to being a number in a population of hundreds of millions of people. It sucks.

I realized I was overly harsh. I apologize. It is late. I will respond more thoughtfully tomorrow.

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You’re very close. The truth is there are people. That is all. When you put the label in front of the person it gives you an effigy to attack. I could defend blank people, nothing I can say will fix it. None the less I hope you are doing well.

Just know, don’t believe everything you think.

I’m going to be blunt because your time is more valuable than anything else. You’re not allowed to say “I’m not a terf,” but then exclude trans women.

Either own up to it or stop pretending to be inclusive.

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