A Skeleton of a Plan (needs fleshing out) to Abolish Political Corruption, The Constitutional Alliance!

Based on prior ideas and research and relying on what we have seen with the successes and failures of the Justice Democrats and the Freedom Caucus, I wish to present the basics of a plan that could bring about the abolishment of political corruption, The Constitutional Alliance. This plan could also serve as a template to get other popular legislation passed (think Prosperity Alliance for Social Security and Labour Socialism).

I do not go into great detail, because as I have pointed out, this is a skeleton of a plan, and will need a lot of debate, discussion, and work to flesh out. For many of you, many of the things I will be outlining are not new to you, but hang in there, I will get there in the end.

As we have clearly seen, abolishing political corruption is nearly impossible at this time, simply because it is against corrupt politician’s (Democrat and Republican) interest to do so, and as such the majority of politicians (corrupt or not) always vote to preserve the status quo. As an alternative, replacing corrupt politicians might work, but because the political establishment is supported by the mainstream media, such is practically impossible. When we do a deep dive into the issue, it becomes very clear that a wide swathe of issues (political inertia, etc.) arise as barriers to abolishing corruption.

Interestingly enough, the majority of americans perceive corruption as widespread, want corruption addressed, and a surprisingly significant number are open to take up arms against the government. While you would naturally think the the politicians would do what the majority of people that they represent want them to do, in many cases, they will actually do what the people who funded their campaigns want them to do. Additionally, these same people fund/own or are customers of mainstream media, and accordingly, will downplay and never point out such corruption.

Long story short, political corruption is a bipartisan problem, and as such a bipartisan solution is required. Now how the hell do we do that? Fortunately, the actions of the Justice Democrats and the Freedom Caucus show us a way, though it is not immediately obvious. While each faction holds a non proportional amount of power in their party (if excercised properly), they do not have enough power to push for corruption reform (if they actually wanted such).

The answer lies in a bipartisan alliance of Democrats and Republicans for the sole express purpose of abolishing political corruption, which I propose we call the “Constitutional Alliance”, a political action committee and caucus. Formed in the same way that that the Justice Democrats were formed, the group would advocate for campaign finance reform (reducing the role of money in politics) and endorses only Democrat and Republican candidates who pledge to refuse donations from corporate PACs and lobbyists.

Now here’s the secret sauce (the plan), the Constitutional Alliance only needs to elect enough candidates to be able to do what either the Justice Democrats or the Freedom Caucus can do now, stop all business in congress and/or the senate to stop their respective parties from moving forward in either. Essentially, on a regular basis (perhaps once a year), the Constitutional Alliance refuses any vote to be passed until the requisite reforms are passed. This will work because for most issues, neither party will compromise with the other to move forward in either congress or the senate. Additionally, the Constitutional Alliance only exists for one purpose and should not be used for any other purpose.

While the political establishment might try to attack the Constitutional Alliance with nonsense like the debt ceiling type of nonsense, it is very easy for the alliance to address such attacks like the following ways: “What are you talking about? The Constitutional Alliance does not have the votes to block the debt ceiling vote.” and “What do you mean? You would actually crash our economy in order to block campaign reform? WTF!”

Not much to the idea right now. What do you guys think? You think we can turn this idea into something? Anyone interested?


I love the concept of this idea. I would like to help you push this line of thought.

I would like to make a couple observations.

Our problem now seems to be command and control. To re-frame this, I will say we have many ways to communicate. The Slack, Forums, Discord, Twitch, and Youtube. This is great because we can build cohesion. The problem is you can easily become to insular as a community.

If we don’t mingle just like the greater community we will divide. It would appear if you have a matriarchal construct we will have endless infighting. This is how we find the most power. Matriarchal communities will become very insular. They almost will never wage unprovoked war but almost always express a stewardship role. They don’t tend focus on the attentive needs and not the collective path. Matrilineage societies tend to fair some what better. Some societies have found this to be true, they will have a clan system with arranged marriages keeping interclan hostility quelled. This is great at creating stability within the tribe. The problem is this hardens the tribes insular nature and it will likely tend towards inclusivity. This is a natural behavior.

The analog is when someone like the Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, reaches the ultimate state of enlightenment only to not understand you must have a Lao Tzu approach (Taoism plus alpha (parts of Shintoism, Rig Veda)) of framing for understanding the true depth of this knowledge. This means at the core the meaning of life isn’t to obtain enlightenment but to understand it to such a degree that your able to not only reflect love, but within the same action knowledge of another’s place in the mandala or path. To show them that you know their path as if it were yours. When done well this will force an our(s) framing to develop. You also give them morale and the courage to pursue their path. You give them the understanding that once their path reaches a ultimate realization that there is no us, only it.

You must go even further because that love isn’t yours to horde, it was a gift for you to spread.

Your realization will not be enough for others you must know that there is collective loss to this knowledge and love. Your love will be reflected, but the highest state is to understand you’re a warrior for love. You must vanquish intolerance and wickedness in all forms in all places.

The expression is a practice it to tend the meta within yourself, your communities, and your society. Know wickedness will crop up anywhere especially yourself. This is due to catastrophe and thermodynamic information entropy laws.

This is the true nature of unifying light and dark.

This frame will give you a meta for understanding the quad polarity with dual dyadic. This means like a polarity to femininity and masculinity in a person this also exists within a society. The highest expression of a society is to understand this concept collectively in a balance between one and many.

Our larger society seems to be decoupling, and now a clan system seems to be the order introduced. Our clan has no way to see all parts channels and reconcile. so what will happen is each platform of TYT will act independently instead of as one. This isn’t lost on TYT proper they take all the best arguments and cite them as best they can. Well done, but we need a collective effort. What we need is to keep what we have in functionality but add the consensus building and action . We can’t all donate to one thing we need to triage this action as well. The problem then is what do you identify as thus the beginning of my response is based in philosophy.

Now TYT proper is the stop gap that is keeping all communication between each platform coherent. In this form of the model TYT proper must act as conduit.

We need a way to organize as a party, and we need a dashboard.

The command and control seems to be Rebel HQ programming.

I suggest we use Rebel HQ as the name was intended.

Rebel HQ needs to be a two fold nexus of action and information triage. We need to push more targeted actions. These actions could be outreach to the right for the purpose of ending money in politics.

This has been done, but I think there should be a Indisputable model behind a call to action of sorts more often. When appropriate maybe even raise funds and a campaign (not necessarily political). This should target state action and highlight the factions working together in this case it would be to end corruption in politics.

Also a message to others information is always lost. We must tolerate a simple repetition around core values in a collective sense.

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