Aaron Maté response

Hey guys,

does anyone know if Cenk or Ana responded to Aaron Mate’s sub-stack piece regarding their criticism of his Syria reporting (linked here)?

I’m a long time member/supporter and fan of Cenk & the TYT OG’s like Ben, Ana, Dave K & Steve but I don’t watch the show as much as I used to and am hoping that it’s in 1 of the member-only sections.

Also, if anyone reading this has Cenk or Ana’s ear, please pass on the suggestion that they invite Aaron on 1 of their shows to have a civil discussion to flesh out their disagreement. Aaron is an honest & principled journalist and I feel they would have a productive, albeit difficult, conversation.

Another journalist I think they also need to re-evaluate is Glenn Greenwald. I would LOVE to hear him and Cenk hash our their agreements & disagreements and I know it would be productive for all.

Thanks for taking the time, fingers crossed!


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Update: they had a great substantive response (linked here)! Keep up the awesome work guys :slight_smile:

I still hope you guys host a conversation with Aaron Mate regarding this topic and I hope you guys are reaching out to one-another out of the public eye to squash the beef.

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