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A new topic for discussion:

Angry Rants from TYT Community Members regarding things that CENK and ANA need to be called out for.

Later on this week, today or tomorrow, I will post
one of several angry rants of my own. If ANA and/or CENK believe they are wrong they will freely admit it. They may rightfully hand my ass to me. but I won’t start the conversation with my ass in my hands. That’s why I love TYT so much.

It took a while but I realized that TYT Communities was created mainly for the purpose of recruiting new members. I have made several contributions with relevant content to this forum, however, I am already a member. I’ll be removing all the content that I contributed and move on with writing my memoirs where I can do all the ranting I wish which will be minuscule in comparison to all the validation of TYT reporters and TYT‘s genuine commitment to honest reporting -meaning diligent vetting of every report as much as possible and presenting all sides of the issue.

I will also include in my book TYT’s rather obvious focus on recruiting Gen Xers, millennials, and zoomers - especially on the twitch platform - with a sometimes subtle/sometimes obvious portrayal of baby boomers being monolithic rather than on a scale or continuum from progressive to the pot smoking flower child who didn’t do much more than be pretentious and are the ones (58 to 66) who are now conservatives - the Boomers that CENK and ANA know either as “Boomer“ friends and/or “Boomer“ family members and use for confirmation bias.

Baby boomer’s were born between August 1946 and sometime around 1960. “Baby boomers” acquired that moniker because because those 30 and under got married and started having children as a way to celebrate immediately after the Japanese surrendered bringing an end to World War II. American citizens wanted to get married and have as many babies as possible to honor the millions of American troops lost during the war. But those leading edge baby Boomers (which includes me) were the ones most likely to be radicals/progressives and there are many many still alive today (Again, including me).

Farewell to the TYT communities forum. With Allison Hartson at the helm I have no doubt that it will be a huge success and bring in a huge number of new recruits which, as I said, is TYT’s goal.

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I look forward to reading your book. Our current members, viewers (non-members), and new supporters are all important to us. I truly mean that. I think there is a younger crowd in general on Twitch, but there are certainly exceptions. I’m really sorry if that hasn’t been coming across to you, but I want to tell you that we truly do appreciate you. We have been working hard for a long time now on this Community page so that we can better engage with our current community, and be more appealing and welcoming to new members so that they can more easily connect, communicate, and support one another. As you know, it will take some time to build, but we’re here for it. Good luck with your endeavors. You’re a beautiful soul and I’m glad we connected.


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Suggestion for tyt the conversation: a popular YouTuber called “meet kevin” is running for governor of California. I find some of his ideas interesting. Is it possible to bring him on the conversation?

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Hi there. Please email [email protected] with your suggestion. Thanks for thinking of us!

There are still progressive boomers wandering around. We deserve some ridicule but we also need community. I find TYT a good place to hang out.

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Boomers are people. too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No, seriously, I don’t personally subscribe to blaming workers of any generation as an entire collective. Those in power, with their stacked Courts and their propaganda machines, have preyed on the working classes in ways that we’re still learning about. The internet is changing that for better and worse. I’m really glad you’re here.

Hi.Could someone tell Cenk that there is a valid reason why some people are driving in their cars with masks on. He’s said this is stupid several times and I would like to explain some valid reasons why SOME people would do this.I’ve done this myself . it has happened after having my car serviced and someone being in my car to fix it who was unmasked.I’ve had to drive it home right after and what I do when home is open windows for several hours before I drive it unmasked. I wear a mask in my car with my sister ( she’ll be masked too) who is on chemo as if I have fear I could expose her unknowingly to Covid. Covid is airborne and in these circumstances it makes sense to wear a mask in your car.FYI I am an RN , BSN and I’m sure most of my colleagues would do the same. I definitely understand it if you may think why someone alone in the car wearing a mask is stupid- but in these situations when you don’t know the status of someone who has been in your car ( someone unmasked parked your car)it makes sense to wear a mask alone in your car. I’m in an area of higer transmission rates with many who don’t take Covid seriously- so I do this type of thing. So far so good- I haven’t had Covid yet!

oh no- my I forgot to sat Cenk thought it was stupid when people drive ALONE in their cars with masks on.