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This is Cenk. And this is my first post. I like Alison’s explanation!


Hey! Thanks Cenk, and welcome welcome welcome!


I love the concept and the name, but if I may, I’d like to point out some of the challenges of this particular process and suggest some solutions.

  1. Fragmentation - Probably the leading challenge in discussion forums is fragmentation. We tend to become siloed in our own favorite issues which means we may not pay attention to some new issues or new ways to look at old issues.

  2. Time Investment - No one has the time to read every post and some posts may garner more attention based on when they are posted, thus the formatting of looking through a timeline could be very time-consuming.

  3. Presentation is essential - Some folks may not be able to create good interesting posts, yet they have brilliant ideas. This challenge is important, because everyone’s good ideas should be evaluated and pushed forward.
    (potential solutions to follow in next post)


It seems that there is no interest in this post or the one I wanted to follow this with. So I won’t invest more time in writing something that no one is reading.

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I am new here and in my 50’s - not very savvy with chat boards. This may not be the best place to post this, but are you aware that Trump’s rise to power and him building the wall was eerily predicted in 1990 in a segment in Heavy Metal Magazine? I find this so freaky. I tried to put a link here but the app won’t allow it, but you can look it up - I own all the old Heavy Metal magazines and was reading one a few months ago and ran across the story and I was like “OMG!”


Here is a link I found:



weird - it wouldn’t let me post a link … maybe because I’m new to the chat or something …

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I just joined. When I saw the layout here, I had similar thoughts to yours. I was thinking, “This is as bad as some Discord channels I’ve seen!” Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution — just wanted you to know you weren’t alone in your thoughts.

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I think it is a anti-spam counter measure. You have to have a certain amount of activity to post a link.

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Thank you for reading my post and responding. Briefly, my thoughts of developing a solution to these challenges would be to create different areas where people could get involved. The base area would be the workshop (or other name), where people would pitch in to help develop ideas, issues & strategies forward. Once developed, it would go up against other ideas that use similar resources. Finally, every member of the community gets a vote.

That is how the best and best-developed ideas (policies, strategies, & issue solutions) could rise to the top.

But unfortunately, it seems that the challenges I outlined and that you echoed will derail this effort before it can get going.


Sounds like a good way to start and better than what we have now. Do you know if only the moderator can create the “workshop” area? Do you envision just one workshop or several by topic? Would just having more “Categories” do the trick? TBH, I may not totally understand your concept.

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Greetings to all TYTers! I love to participate in discussions that occur sans the insulting inferrals and outright disrespect people’s opinions are given in other platforms.
I relish straight forward, rational opinions even if they are not clearly supported by data, facts or any specific supporting documentation.
I have been a TYT “fan” for 2-3 years. Maybe a bit longer. I’ve am not inclined to donate my hard earned, but scarce, dollars to political efforts, but TYT has convinced me I needed to be a member.
I am 84 years old, married (twice, at different times!), a father of 2 sons by my first marriage and two adopted daughters from China in 2000 and 2003 with my 2nd wife.
Briefly, I was raised in a family that has been financially successful in the corporate business environment and has been politically loyal to the Republican party until my exit to an independent status in 2007.

Enough! Ask questions of me, if you desire, or lets just
“talk” on any appropriate topic you choose!


Could you please comment on what is happening in Fulton county? It was full speed ahead and I havent heard anything for a while…


I assume we will hear an update this week.

UPDATE: He extensively updated the campaign on The Damage Report this morning.

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Good evening @mischievousmrchileno and @laffinface.

I had missed this post because I have been checking on Operation Hope category. I came here to look for this post [Repeal Citizens United - it can be done!] since this is a discussion also taking place at Operation Hope and I wanted to read the arguments.

I was so gladly surprised that the two of you had the same diagnosis and also solution that I also came about. I have been executing these because the modsare not the only ones with cool and productive perks that can be used on the discussion board. I have been getting help and feedback from @enduser and @over9000. I am even performing changes they have proposed because those were needed.

Please come around Operation Hope where these changes are taking place and please provide your feedback on the user experience and how this can help get as organized as to be extremely effective in achieving our goals of bringing positive change to the real world.

Come around, your feedback is very well needed and welcome!


Cenk, I really really hope that you can see and read this.

I almost never miss an episode, I know you are the only people who can advocate for us and bring attention to our story.

I’ve been vocal in supporting Palestinians since the Israeli assault on Palestine. I resonate with almost every statement you’ve shared on the show. You and I are not anti-Semitic; rather, we oppose Israel’s oppression and the killing of innocent Palestinians.

Last night, I woke up to hundreds of messages across social media. A lying, defaming page posted my face, name, employer, and misrepresented a sarcastic statement I made to paint it as ‘anti-Semitic.’ The bullying and insults haven’t ceased since yesterday, and within a few hours, the post was shared thousands of times, with my employer tagged hundreds of times.

I was fired from my workplace yesterday morning as a result.

The page is run by a racist individual named Liora Reznichenko. Please take a moment to look into her. Her page aims to silence pro-Palestine voices, defame people, and, of course, mass-tag their employers to get them fired. Here’s the link to the post:

I’m in contact with other victims of this page who also were maliciously defamed on her page and subsequently lost their jobs. Mainly professors. We are planning to file a defamation lawsuit against her.

Since this incident, I haven’t been able to sleep. I’m reaching out for support and to share our story. You and Ana were the first people I thought of, knowing you’ll fully understand the horrible situation we are in due to this person. I tried t contact Ana as well, but I couldn’t get through to her.

Could you please reply to this message, will give you more details. Really need you to stand with us…

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Omg, i hope you’re able to sue the person behind this for damages. :person_facepalming:t2: sorry to hear this happened to you. A Chya Rachett clone whose a brownshirt for Nazi Israel? Class action suit if she’s affected a group of people, maybe? Sending prayers. :heart::people_hugging: