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Hello hello! South Bay area here. I love meeting new people and making new friends. Online is cool, but I would really love some local community as I am new to this area. My hope by joining is to find some like-minded people who are doing their part to make this world a little bit better. My circle really did a big shrink in the era of he who shall not be named. A lot of people I held dear either took off their mask or just totally became different humans. It’s been a rough ride. I am sure too many of you can relate. Anywho! please feel free to reach out and say hi! I am not always the world’s best at checking messages, but I am trying to change that bad habit :sweat_smile:


Welcome to our community! Sorry you’ve had such a rough ride but I hope you’re able to find some silver linings. There are definitely a lot of progressives in your area so keep trying and I hope you enjoy the community here in the meantime.


Hi Family TYT💪 / #DragonSquad🐉

I’m an active member of The Damage
Report​:dragon_face:, :sparkling_heart: #IndisputableTYT​:fist:t6: & all things JayarRated so the WatchlistTYT​:eye: is must see TYT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Due to my crazy lifestyle & work schedule I rarely catch the shows live but do my best to watch every show whenever possible :fire:

Look for me on Twitter @joeken19083 & on the Tikity Tok at kemny_from_philly :muscle:

Cheers :beers: - Ken

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Well, I have been a member of TYT since 2006. Back then, you could join as a non-paying member, and after I got over the sting of Cenk, Ben and Jill (back then) booting my morning show Morning Sedition on Air America, I kind of got used to them. So used to them, in fact, that when they left Air America, I finally broke down and joined as a paid member - and I’ve been one since.

I’ve always listened to the podcast, first through AA and, since joining, through the website and my podcaster, so I don’t get a chance to interact with other members through chat. I’d love to change that, but there are so many ways to chat/communicate that I’m not sure what’s the best course to take. I’m trying this forum, which I’ve had a login on for years but rarely used. I hope they let me post this - the bot told me I wasn’t permitted to post as a ‘new’ user - LOL - but we shall see if replying is allowed. I’m always a couple days behind the current show, so I’m hoping that the forum format will allow me to interact with other members.

Thanks for the space to speak.


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Hi! I’m in a similar situation. I first discovered the show in 2012ish and would watch clips of the show on FB, but I finally became a paying member after Trump was elected. I watch the show on my phone in the TYT app, so I’ve had no way to interact with other members. I’ve also been reluctant to speak here, because I’m pretty sure I sit much further to the left than Ana and Cenk, maybe even most of the members, I’m not sure. Being from the South, I’ve always struggled with the hardline TYT stance of “guns are bad.” I can’t help but wonder (and hope) that maybe Cenk could be changing his mind on this.

I was nervous coming here to the community forums, partly because I was worried I might be “too radical,” but mainly because I’m putting these thoughts into writing for the first time, and I’m paranoid af about it being used against me at a later date. I hope like hell I don’t regret this. My hope is to find others who are thinking along the same lines as me and get some conversation going about what to do and ways to strategize. It’s nice to meet you, and thank you for commenting on my other post. :slight_smile:


First I watch all the time on YouTube and a free streaming local tv service. Love you guys but… your site is impossible to navigate. It gives me a headache and I end up screaming at my phone or iPad. I want to quit but can’t figure out how. I didn’t have these troubles joining. Get some techs on it please. I was watching on YouTube tonite and did I hear Ana call somebody a greaser ? I looked it up and the person has an Italian name. Did I hear wrong ? That term is as offensive as any racist term. Please advise me how to quit without having to cancel my card, that is a real pain in the ass.

I’ve been a member since 2021 but listen (not watch) exclusively from the app, usually while at work (in the service industry and dont have time to sit and watch). I therefore don’t really get the chance to interact with the community at all. Therefore it saddens me how sparse the posts are in here…