Agriculture Companies Finally Under Microscope

Among the most heinous industries in terms of both human rights and environmental impact is agriculture. For decades they have cleverly kept their names out of the high level discussions but a new series of videos in the opinion section of the new york times is seeking to change that.

These articles only touch on the environment but I also want to bring attention to issues such as worker treatment and pushing of cash crops to the detriment of public health. Here are some other articles that spotlight this in greater detail:

Abolish the Dept. of Agriculture, New Republic, Dec 27 2021

Don’t Trust the Antitrust Narrative: Farmers Benefit from Industrial Ag. Workers Do Not., Jacobin, June 2021

Land Corruption, Transparency . org, October 2019
(follow link to their land corruption pdf, very informative)

For the record I don’t love posting stuff that has a pay wall, but part of the reason I do is hoping something TYT producers might miss gets picked up and expanded on for their audience.

Cheers everyone!

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