American Progressive Manifesto

The First Sacred Text of Islam is the Torah, surely Israel and Palestine must be able to find common ground and settle differences.

Christians share scripture with the Jewish faith known as the Old Testament, the Second Sacred Text of Islam is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, surely that means Muslims should be regarded as Christian, surely that means all of God’s Flock should be able to live together in peace.

Cyclical economies is not the antithesis of capitalism, putting value on waste is perhaps the most capitalistic practice you can do for your economy.

And then there is the core of Progressive values: living wages, affordable housing, and universal healthcare.

A living wage has always been working 40 hours per week to make ends meet.
For your average American, it allows time to enjoy your personal freedom and pursue personal interests.

For hard working Americans, it meant more time to work and the ability to put in some extra effort and sweat to get ahead in life.

At one point we thought that encouraging hard working behavior was enough to warrant time and a half for every hour you work above 40 hours you were expected for the work week.

That time and a half was universal for hazard pay, because in order for the American economy to work, you had to offer a decent life for the American to get their company loyalty.
It puts enough money in our pockets to support Corporate America as consumers with buying capital.

Affordable housing ensures that 40 hours will make ends meet. We should not be renting at outrageous prices when there is not enough affordable housing available to meet the demands we need today.

We should be prioritizing affordable housing first, it is the only way to make higher priced rentals and airbnb ethical in the first place. We do not need to sacrifice the welfare of the American Public so you can make egregious profits while your employees and tenets struggle to get by because there’s nothing affordable available.

Universal healthcare because we are the only First World Nation that doesn’t have one, and not only do we not provide universal healthcare, but the United States of America is the most exploited country on the planet when it comes to our personal wellbeing.

The rest of the world waits in lines just like us, even with our scheduled appointments, but seeing the doctor, the prescriptions or follow up treatments are all free in every First World Country except ours.

In America, it costs us thousands per month to take care of one family, that insurance is terrible and doesn’t provide that much. Still having to copay, still having to hunt for in-service care, and the basic plans most of us have, IF we even have insurance, doesn’t come close to providing enough coverage to say that our healthcare is even good.
And that’s not even including the pharmaceutical highway robbery!

If we had wages that kept up with inflation, housing that was consistently affordable, and was able to get basic healthcare without spending thousands a month or even hundreds a month individually, then imagine the boost in economy with a regular income you’re saving AND being able to go to the doctor whenever and get recovering from injuries faster without ever having to think about how much it’s going to cost you or if you’re going to the right provider.
And insurance companies can still sell policies for supplemental or premium care.

Otherwise we’re just going to keep seeing homeless communities grow as wage fails to keep up with the unaffordable housing and inflation, nor can people provide for their own health.

Otherwise people will fall victim to poverty from a simple medical condition.

Otherwise labor will never meet their potential.

Fair compensation, fair opportunity, and fair justice.
Combatting Climate Change is a lucrative business the World cannot afford to miss.
So sick and tired of hearing that the basic principles of a First World Nation is Socialism.

We must be Progressive if we wish to see progress.