Amusing fake "Conspiracy Theory" fights against misinformation

Amusing fake “Conspiracy Theory” fights against misinformation

I don’t have NY Times, I can’t access that.

It’s a fake conspiracy created by a Gen-Z guy in order to make fun of and combat misinformation amongst younger people. It’s gotten a lot of traction and thousands of followers. Sorry you can’t read it.

I am meeting politics head on in my local politics FB group.
It’s been a solid year, every thread is filled with me defending my positions, and I don’t like leaving things without having the last word; each thread is almost a hundred comments, I’m usually a good 30% of those comments with comments back to me.
I spar regularly with 6 resident trolls, and on occasion a random local that gets triggered at my unfiltered and scathing opinions of our city, our practices, and our hubris.
And on occasion, like this Thanksgiving, one of my side asking me not to bang my head against the wall.

I’ve defended my Christianity with other Christians, and the Lord wins argument of domain everytime. There were no Christians until Christ defined what it meant to be Christian. After 2,000 years the teachings of Jesus Christ hold true, especially now in the 21st century.
At the end of the day, no Christian can deny this, and I believe has hope to default back to the true spirit of being a Christian, forgiveness and acceptance.

My city is in great need of livings wages and affordable housing; not even affordable housing our low income citizens pay 40% of their income in housing alone, and my community has historically high cost of living.
We’re still working on that, let’s just say fortunate people cannot see burdens they put on the community.

I have a retired police officer that deletes his posts in the group when I reach to uncomfortable truths he doesn’t wish to discuss, and will literally post some culture war nonsense immediately after as if we weren’t just in a conversation.
So I find opportunities to bring it back up, like when he calls me “woke” I’ll tell him that doesn’t mean anything coming from a retired officer that doesn’t care the honor that badge stands for as police remain silent after being exposed by border patrol facebook groups and California police hate text groups.
Most recently they wanted to discuss a drug bust, blame the left for border policy, run of the mill stuff; I’ve gotten better in shutting things down, here’s how I responded and have seemingly ended all discussion on the topic… for now:

"Here’s what I see going on in my nation,
A Facebook group of 10,000 border patrol focused on misogyny and chauvinism rather than protecting the border.
A text chat group of police in California that is so egregious that an internal investigation was opened for the open hate speech among officers.
And we see police not caring whatsoever about their behavior being exposed for the American Public to see.

Absolutely shameless, and their leadership? Pretending that their command is completely righteous, using the badge to put Black People in their place, with such brutality that the citizens fear speaking out against authority.

And still it is not enough, we are STILL ungrateful, we STILL are treated as insolent children just asking for a beating.

Because we smoke marijuana.

Because we want Medicare for All.

Because we SOCIALISTS are trying to destroy the world with living wages and affordable housing.

And what the status quo wants is to not talk about it.
To continue to talk about drugs.

During Prohibition we cracked down on alcohol by discriminating Black People, their associates, and anyone caught listening to Black music.

For the Drug War we discriminated tattoos, piercings, and baggy pants.

Alcohol wasn’t the problem.
Drugs wasn’t the problem.
Discrimination is the problem.

All our substance abuse recovery goes to social services, that’s where police send those that need rehabilitation.

Incarceration for nonviolent offense, violating civil rights, and brutality are not necessary for Law Enforcement."

Now that doesn’t mean the group doesn’t just move on to something else, but nevertheless, my trolls would not just allow things to be said that would paint them in any negative light if they could help it.
That retired officer is still in the group, and I feel that I do reach him, even though he won’t openly admit it to me.

The thing is these conversations go for weeks or months, some are brought back up after months of passing, I don’t think I’m making up the level of my influence in this nearly 700 member FB group.

I couldn’t tell you the amount of influence, the level of involvement does not match the likes or reactions of posts in the group. People come out of nowhere, that means they catch up or at the very least browse the topics at hand, there’s a lot of consideration that goes on that FB can’t track.

I like to take conspiracy theories and break them down, show people how ridiculous it is, and point out the continued failings of such conspiracies.
It’s not hard at all anymore, they set themselves up for absolute ridicule.

And at the same time, I’m realizing that our arguments are perceived differently depending on your political affiliation.
From my end, these trolls look fools day in and day out, for others they hold the line for their values that I don’t particularly look towards with any respect. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve tried to focus on the fact that my opinions does not mean I don’t want to hear the other side, or that their opinions are invalid. I’m realizing it’s a thinner line than you would have imagined walking, but I’ve kept to TYT values, and have tried hard for engagement.
I’m not a hated member of the group, my opinions as a Progressive are still looked down on, but I think I’ve at least minimized the immediate impulse to shut down and cry, “Socialist!”

Give me another year and I’ll let you know if I can produce real results.

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