Ana & Cenk's Interview of Vivek Ramaswami 10/16/2023

So. That ended without a fight but it sure started with one.

I don’t normally mention background outside of the US unless it deals with my major, Japan, but I do have some experience with wealthy citizens of India or Americans with a lot of family from India. I was a Bharata Natyam dancer while living in the US, and I performed as well as studied. I have taught the art to other Indians / American Indians. I have lived and spent quite a lot of time with people from New Delhi and Bangladesh, Tamil Nadu and a few other areas that all have different languages, yet all were quite wealthy and all considered themselves as Brahmans. The beauty was I could learn a many centuries old art and see life in Indian families without knowing a single word of Hindi. The dark horror was the way a few talked down to my mother, who is black like I am, when she came to see my performances… the way people I considered my friends expected me to wash dishes and clean up things while I was spending time with them after practices… the way all I ever met along my way to becoming skilled treated the whole of the American way of life as a ‘game’ they learned to play with money and word salads. This was very discouraging as far as my learning Hindi was concerned, so I never did.

This guy Ramaswami is exactly what I experienced. Privileged, looking down on the heartbeat of democracy - public schools, condescending yet very aware of how to word salad himself in the ‘game’ to balance favors from Trump while seeing how long he can go on ‘running.’ He is as intelligent as all the people I used to know, so he has thoroughly studied the techniques of Carlson, Kirk, Rogan and even MTG. He said he went to public school for a time. Was it the one in Beverly Hills?

This guy needs very, very close scrutiny IMO. I don’t consider him any kind of threat, but I do consider him a very unfortunate result of the ongoing delays in justice, a military industrial complex funded at the expense of the modern needs of a democratic people and an online culture that has ended covering up more that is revealed.

But what do yous guys think?

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Ramaswami has a lot of energy… An energetic sociopath. His diligent fellatio of Donald Trump may just get him that VP pick… Trump throws out a casual pat on the head to him, testing the waters…
Anyway I think Cenk and Ana let the guy slide in the beginning when he suggested political persecution of Trump, seemed he implied Biden had something to do with it. That said, why should anyone care if it’s political or not. If you have a case! You have a case! Meaning one with evidence.
The precedent of not prosecuting the powerful is where Ramaswami hangs his hat.

The mental gymnastic of false equivalency, conceding all politicians lie, “so lets give this one a pass”.
It’s all hopeless, so no need to fact check. May the most well funded and best bullshitter win!
Ramaswami to the rescue! Seriously, his obvious anti democratic beliefs which Cenk and Ana sussed out easily. His support of Donald Trump and his corruption, and they also sussed out admission of this, acknowledgement. Is this a guy people can believe in to reign in corruption? Basically another really corrupt guy, just like his hero, claiming intention to do something about corruption…
Lies come in varying degrees, nuance to consider, Ramaswami is another in pursuit of "the big lie’,

Is Ramaswami turning down superpac money? not in this lifetime! You can’t be this full of shit and still have principals, much like his master.

I just can’t see how any person of a well intended ideology can actually believe in the type of consolidation of agencies Ramaswami supports. Centralized control won’t end well and that should be obvious to any thinking person.


Yeah when a con man is self funded it takes all the wholesomeness out of it.

Vivek is like the rake in the yard laying down with the teeth standing up. As soon as you step near him he will try to hit you in the face.

I will also say that BS he pulled with Ana last night around pretending to not know her name shows you the kind of person he is. He thinks that would rattle Ana he thinks he could bully others into submission. What a clown that man is. Ana’s comment about him not being prepared was so on point. Go Ana! Yeah punk you don’t know who I am? You will after this interview.

I have exposure to some that are very similar to what you describe here. Vivek is a prize winning “sophist” but that will not help him here. You can tell based on his proposals he actually doesn’t know us as a country, or our people. I don’t want to help him but his rhetoric is off, he has a fundamental flaw that will preclude him from charisma needed to win. He is seems to be the epidemy of ready, fire, aim.

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I think i would like to see it, but it’s not to be found on the website :frowning:

Just like Cenks announcement was not to be found days after he made it.
(turns out that one was hidden under clips for some reason, this one is not)

Being a “not live” viewer is not always easy.


Credit to David Maloney

Clips here:


Yeah, good pointing out him and that bit about not knowing Ana’s name.
I wasn’t sure on that one, but considering now I believe you’re right. I do recall Cenk pointing out that it was Ana who invited him after he claimed it being Cenk.


Ramaswampy “not knowing” Ana’s name was his way of saying, “Women aren’t important,” which is one of the many things the Rethugs represent.

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Is the full interview going to be available? I was looking for it under both the main show and special coverage tabs and I didn’t see it.


I was expecting it in my podcast feed but could not find it. Came here to look for it to no avail. Please update if/when you find it!


I found someone state it was to be posted on Monday. I didn’t know they staggered content on purpose. It appears the use it as a perk for the premium memberships.

For real… apparently it will drop tomorrow. I’m guessing it’s going to be heavily edited if it takes them three days to release it.

Super sad to see from TYT

Maybe get TDR producers to work for y’all! They can get the shows up WAY faster than the main show ever does….

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They did a fantastic job. Vivek is such a joke though. The dude comes on, says he wants to GUT the entire Department of Education, and we should be required to take a test in order to vote because we aren’t educated enough. He seems clueless about PUBLIC SCHOOLS already requiring a government/civics class with a passing grade to graduate. Then we find out in the end that he does not know the meaning of the word, “secular”. Brilliant. :star_struck:

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Have you ever caught them editing like that? I would say I think the standards are way higher here then your maybe used to.

I don’t know why you would want to edit it given the floor wiping of an interview that was.