Analyzing politicians from chronical tracking changes

So a thought that crossed my mind the other day, but with your guys help you maybe be able to help me expand further on this topic, in both intra/inter aspect to similiarly related topics that my relate. So basically it’s collectively coming up with a explanation aka using both psychological vs sociological standpoints to form progress resolution. I’ve noticed that the age gap between politicians vastly discerns their judgment on perception, for obvious reasons. Now I pose to look from both psychological and sociological standpoint. This is a system intended to analyze such paradigms , “Life span development and the life course perspective deal with disparate (explananda) but share common (explanantia) (explanatory strategies). Both approaches originated by introducing into the subject matter of age an innovative and sometimes courageous emphasis on context, inspired by discoveries of cohort differences and historical variations in patterns of aging. Despite these promising beginnings four decades ago, key aspects of the relation between lifespan/life course and context remain largely undeveloped, because of an undue reliance on traditional paradigmatic assumptions in both traditions, which we here call the positivist–functionalist model. What remains yet underdeveloped and in need of extended interpretation are the fundamental bases of human development and human social relations. These bases include two dialectically interrelated dynamics that are elements of a social-constitutive model, which recognizes that (1) individual development and agency are not just influenced, but constituted by lived experience in a specific social context, and (2) social systems are constituted only through agentic human action. This paper identifies theoretical resources that can be used to further this inquiry, and illustrates the value of such resources by showing how they can be used to illuminate the problems of agency, linked lives, and questions of the relationship between lifespan/life course and evolutionary thought.” This a great framework view things grasp ideologies lost in culture war.