Ana's Take on Biden Campaign's 'Democracy On The Ballot' Repetition

@Ana – you are brilliant, professional, and I am so glad you on the air doing what you do! Yesterday, I saw your commentary on how the Biden campaign was dwelling too much on the ‘democracy is on the ballot’ message and not enough on the messages that might not please his donors. Agreed, the Democratic Party is doing what it does: chasing a pipe dream with a flawed candidate. THEY will be responsible for the death of America, not MAGA, because they cannot change. All of the data foreshadows this, and the wisest strategists too (esp. Cenk). We are about to see ‘2016 Part II, The Cataclysm’. But, that does not change the fact that the Biden campaign is absolutely right. The story is how they cannot get the message across because Biden is not credible (partly due to his broken promises, partly due to the cult-vulnerable). The story is America will end, and the greatest country on Earth, ergo Earth, will be at the infantile whims of a mentally ill geriatric (a literal madman scenario). I don’t think that can be emphasized enough. Look at the Atlantic Special Issue, ‘If Trump Wins’. He has successfully hot-wired our political system with the enablement of well-placed corrupt operators and profit-only-monsters. It takes priority–by far–over ANY other issue. What must we do? I think it is rather obvious and the stage is being set by the DOJ. MAGA = terrorism, apply the laws mercilessly. That means Biden will have to do his duty to the constitution. That is the story now. Optics be damned.