And the winner is… (Progressive March Madness)

@channel The votes are in for the championship round of #ProgressiveMarchMadness! The top progressive policy is… Drum roll please :drum:

Overturn Citizens United! :trophy: :partying_face:

OCU earned 63.4% of the vote, with Medicare For All coming in second at 36.6%. Chris McGowan, aka LtMacMcG, probably summed it up best in this tweet: “Overturn Citizens United, to GET Medicare for All!” :100:

TYT Army Task Force 1 & 4 member Bri came up with the excellent idea for Progressive March Madness and the polls between the different progressive policies. :raised_hands: TF4 member Yulie designed the great bracket graphic featured on The Young Turks. :clap: It was all possible thanks to @alison_hartson’s leadership and also hours of reviewing and scheduling posts. :pray:

:point_right: You can read more about overturning Citizens United and getting rid of corrupt in US elections in this informative TYT Army research article from @Dana Manning#4676 & Task Force 2. Corruption of U.S. Elections: Is there a solution? - TYT Army

Thank you all for voting and helping spread the word about progressive policies and TYT Army. :muscle:

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The money is definitely the issue behind it all!

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:100: I really thought M4A would win, but people voted for the option that should lead to that and so much more.