Another strategy to win now + summaries to previous strategies

  1. Utilize the same strategy of multiple voices eventually coalescing for presidential races.
  • Have these candidates put their egos aside. Run a bunch of progressives and pack the stage with progressive voices. Clobber the corporate dems and tell them they are the unreasonable ones, the impractical ones, the odd ones out. By the power of numbers on stage saying the same thing, people will start to believe it is possible to get progressive policies. Trust me we just need old people to follow along. Old people start to believe in things when a lot of people say it. Then before any voting has started. Everyone progressive should drop out and endorse the candidate polling at the highest to avoid vote splitting. I believe this strategy would work because look at Biden. He did that to Bernie in 2020 and won. Image if E warren dropped out and endorsed Bernie, he could have won.
  • One more thing on this strategy, we need to have the Malcom X MLK effective on stage. We need some candidates on the stage or one candidate on the stage to be a “more left” version than what we are comfortable with. This WILL shift the overton window left. Imagine someone on stage talking about socializing the energy industry, or doing fully public medicare for all like the UK model, we want some people taking the window more to the left, so that the publics reasonable middle is someone with “Bernie type views”. Also, we would want a voice that is super aggressive, like an attack dog. Someone more calm. Just attack at different points but know in the background all these people will drop out and endorse the person polling the highest to coalesce the votes.
  • The only con I can think of is this would take a lot of funding but think about the 2020 run. Imagine if E warren, Tulsi, Yang, and Marianne all were behind the scenes working together with Bernie to craft a unified message on stage and then worked together to coalesce behind one another. I believe that would have been effective enough to win.

To summarize,

  1. Unionize to help people now.

  2. Pack the state legislature and take over a state by getting a progressive governor. That person would be primed to run for president, cause the state would be a shining example.

  3. Pack the stage with people who have a united message. On stage, call the corporate dems unreasonable, extreme, corrupt to their faces. Then have those candidates coalesce, before the voting begins. Also, have the multiple people on stage try to push the Overton window more left. We a person on stage even more left wing calling for entire nationalization of sectors, so that the “reasonable middle” is someone with bernie views. Also, maybe an attack dog etc.

Hope this strategy makes sense. Let’s build it out together, form pros and cons and figure out problems and things we can do better with this strategy. Hope this helps though. I can also try to flesh out more details to make this make more sense.