Are we headed for global climate crisis?

Are we truly headed for global disaster, from what I can see its not to far of stretch. So bear with me on the explanation, so at the conception of the first known living entities Archaea bacteria, our planet was virtually inhabitable for multi-cellular organism due to the biproduct bacteria would produce, and mostly thrived off sulfuric volcanic vents in the ocean(mind you Ancient Bacteria). After mutation of genes, bacteria evolved into using the sun as energy source which later developed in to chloroforms’ producing algae and other water based planation, filling our earth with plentiful abundance of oxygen, hence why fossil of multi cellular organism were so gigantic. But prior to this the development of a crazy amount of microbes produced & triggered volcanic eruptions due to replicating and producing biproduct. This in turn caused a massive ice age, while shifting tectonic plates forming a similar terrain we see today. So what happened to all those microbes that produced causing the ice age, obviously look at the ice. So with increasing temperatures, reduced oxygen levels due to pollution, volcanic activity, the mass amount of algae in the ocean, and the fact we are melting the very spot where ancient microbes that know living mammal has immunity+covid being rampant, or ocean will become filled with bacteria we aren’t even aware of so going into the water will be like a death sentence, and the current underwater wildlife as we know will be devastated. We already passed warning signs, but yet our leaders can’t focus on whats impart for entire human-kind smh.

I wouldn’t worry about the bacterial. Bacteria tend to create a equilibrium if the soil is healthy.

I think that’s the issue, that we are familiar with land based bacteria and as well as some bacteria aquatic based. My concern is what has been frozen for millions of years around the polar regions, its like best of the new and old school or should I say worst. It brings a whole slew of variables that are not only concerning, but doesn’t allow us to really prepare for anything until the fist case of illness, I mean look at bacteria that in thermo-vents called Pyrodictium or Methanopyrus kandleri is a heat- and salt-loving species of Archaea that makes its home on the chimney walls of smokers. It harvests energy from hydrogen gas and releases methane, a process known as methanogenesis they literally thrive in hell.

They are adaptogenic to the environment. Meaning they adapt to survive but is true of many bacteria so if they are all adaptogenic they adapt to a new bacterium being introduced.

Exactly and all bacteria produce bi product, the more resilient, the greater the population, the greater chance for different bacteria to in contact creating mutations, now if a virus is put in the mix, the factor you mentioned is not only enhanced, but produces variants of the virus since they exchange genetic material. This on top of resistance bacteria and added variants is exactly why we have a pandemic, basically multiple different Petre-dishes with different types of agar.

There is so much wrong with what you said it’s almost comical.

What your saying isn’t close to what I am saying.

All thing mutate based on probability expressed through breeding the exception of sorts for viruses.

Putting a virus into the mix has nothing to do with anything. It doesn’t even begin to explain what you mean. Bacteria can edit a virus IE CRISPER thorough E. coli.

I am pretty sure your conflating a viruses ability to live in bacteria rich environments. Which is actually at the heart of my point.

I think you are saying resistant to antibiotics which would be talking about viruses not bacteria.

If your final point is about spread of the COVID virus in unvaccinated populations it would make some sense but I think I am putting words in your mouth maybe.

You suffer from the old adage a little bit of information is a dangerous thing. You need to spend less time posting an more time reading or listening.

you completely misunderstand my meaning and further conversation seems fruitless, I never said bacteria where viruses, I’m simply implying the viruses gain more of a variety in genetic mutation through RNA replication of the host cell, which I’m identifying as unknown bacteria that humans haven’t come across with, the combination of a deadly virus with infecting different types of bacteria of different genomes is highly likely. please don’t chastise or assume anything until you fully understand my explanation, if you like I can explain all of bio-chem if you like, seeing as you need an intro, yes shade being thrown at you, as much as I like to insult you right now im just sharing educational derived ideologies which by which I haven’t be wrong about yet, why because I listen and take in other views that arent my own. so please be respectful and have alittle more inquisitor approach before assuming what you think I know

Additionally if you actually spent the time to read my topics and response, that is what I actually do listen, or rather try to understand from multiple different perspectives and actually understand the individual approach, because I know factually I don’t translate my messages as well as I could, but people as your self rather than discuss; condemn off first glance, practice what you preach and boy am I fired up tonight, so don’t expect any consideration in my rhetoric because dead ass you brought that upon yourself

It’s only a matter of time before this unabashed race to the bottom is over. I used to think that surely the major companies responsible for pollution would see the Light but greed has ensured that it churns forward in darkness. I’m fairly certain that the people who could make a difference all have the “Well I’ll be dead so I minuswell be rich until then. Who cares what happens after I’m gone?” mindset, which is one of the primary reasons why we can’t have nice things. It will be particularly frustrating to hear the “If only there was something we could have done!” lamentations, which famously come too late to matter. I don’t know what it will take to get the changes that we need, but I have a feeling it’s going to take a lot.