Bedtime Story and fairy tales

From the planet of Venus, grew the first civilization of mankind. Cunning with incredible inginuity, invigorating the planet to quick expansion, and just as hastily, began to explore their worlds unknown.

Earth was the first to be discovered, while inhabitable, the planet of Venus primarily focused on their other neighbor, lifeless from the wild and better skilled to deal with cosmic radiation rather than unpredictable prehistoric nature.

Mars was the first to be colonized, better tempered, and more suitable for civilized life, it served as an outpost to reach further out toward the stars.

It was at Terra people discovered the edge of the goldilock zone. Beyond were the gas giants, and leagues beyond our comprehension.
Terra became the journey’s end, the pinnacle of space civilization, where the gods would rule their subjects once the banner of the Homeworld ceased to be.
Venus would experience a cataclysmic event triggering an extreme atmospheric change to sulfuric acid, and destroying the origin peoples of human beings.

With the fall of a homeworld, at the other end of the habitable systems, where the people of Venus have been venturing to as the Mecca of progress, the next influencial planet takes the destruction of their world to mean restraint no longer necessary, and begin to lay claim of dominance over people’s of the other celestial bodies.

Earth would steadily begin to have inhabitants, the most wild and untamed nature the 4 Worlds have ever seen, and in order to gain access to the planet, some saw the only course was to tame the world from the most savage creatures of the land, dinosauri.
Clipping the local satellite, sheering of a piece of the sphere and completely bringing the rotation to a stand still, the attack came with little accuracy or precision. While the goal was to send the whole satellite down on the planet, the results of the botched operation was not a complete failure.
Consider the global changing event, a meteor that struck the world, broke Pangaea, and set the planet into an Ice Age, recovering over the eons what it once lost. But the world was broken, from the attempt of terraforming a planet, and was no longer hospitable, or so anyone thought, and for a time, served as the final residence of society’s exiled of all people here in.
The Ice Age triggered was not the same as a natural Ice Age, so recovery from an event was quick in thawing after everything froze over.

Mostly, Mars and Terra forgot about Earth, a passing thought for a place to cruelly punish people by stranding them there.
In truth, no one thought they would survive, so they were forgotten, as the Solar System’s leading cultures fought for dominance over the remaining territory of the entire known heavens.

Mars was no match to Terra’s superior growth, and was outmatched, like the first story of civilizations meeting for the first time, this was the consequence of two peoples no longer united under a banner, and overtaken by sheer numbers and experience for conflict.
That is the reason Mars becomes known as the slave planet, and here is the apex of slave ownership and Imperial rule.
From here the legacy of Greek, Egyptian and Budhhist gods begin, the merchant ship Atlantis, opulant construction and treatment of those seen inferior, were made to suffer the rule of the heaven’s divine for the rest of their existence.

The Norse gods battled Greek gods, political intrigue among the ruling classes of society seen as games of contest and proof of superiority.
As the pawns did their bidding, in secret, built among each other a Republic to help sustain the broken spirits of their worthless caste. In hiding, people kept hopes and dreams to one day be seeded in the soil of civilization.
When the land is safe.
When people were free.

And the people were not given educations, not allowed to know the magic of gods, even the lords put in place knew nothing of the machinations of their masters, only tasked to collect the taxes of the subjects, and to relay the commands gods demanded.
But when they discovered human beings living on the Earth, a new low was discovered, an even worse abomination than the last!
And gods would command myths and legends to rule over the cattle with iron fists, seeing only flaws to which any meaningful consideration is omitted.

And this… this is the development of the relationship between men and the gods:

Subjugation and rule, until the subjugated could take no more, survival no longer the motive, only escape from the damned.

S the Great War began across the heavens between the aristocracy of Terra against the subjects of Mars, for which the gods were called to protect their homeworld.
The Earth shook, and left the planet for a time devoid of gods and their power.

And here is the origin of how the gods changed. The struggle for the People perservered, Mars had won the day, managed to deliver a final blow, and the world known as Terra was shattered into a trillion pieces.

So dire the people’s need to be free, they did not consider the repercussions of their actions, did not think to consider the consequences of their deeds.
For half a Mars year, the People celebrated and rejoiced, but when they approached halfway across their orbit, they saw what was coming.
Planetary debris, a graveyard thick with surface crust of all sizes, but the sheer volume that filled their path was the sign of their inevitable demise.

Whatever life, ecology, or environment Mars supported, it is unknown to us, for it is buried under miles of foreign debris, red from atmospheric reentry, oxidation of unquantifiable mass.

It is still better than their neighboring planet for which they warred for so long, only fragments of the core remain, the graveyard orbit we call the asteroid belt.

Those on Earth left to rule were left without orders or direction. Lost, the rulers continued to stress the yoke of the Kingdom as they were taught, without ever considering to why they were doing it.
The world grew dark.

Until the last God arrived, returned from the destruction of both heavenly planets, the last of the Venus legacy, one broken to rubble, the other buried alive in their enemy’s ashes.

And laid before the people Commandments, Scripture, and new ways on how to continue our lives, now that the gods were gone, now that the final God has come to teach the great lesson of our ancestors, wishing for the remaining legacy of mankind to survive, above all, from each other.

That’s what you call science fiction.

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