Ben Gleib sucks

Please stop inviting him back I love TDR but can’t watch when he cohosts.

  1. He acts like he is the host not John
  2. He isn’t funny
  3. His impressions are terrible
  4. He can’t enunciate for his life

Seriously I can’t think of a single cohost who ruins every show he is on like Ben. I don’t watch when he is on the main show I don’t watch when he is on TDR the announcement that he is there is enough for me to say gross can’t watch.

I can understand your perspective and respect it it, but just as opposing view you never know what people are going thru at a specific time, which may lead a situation we are unknown as far as being slightly awkward at times. The thing is we are human and have these traits, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Second everyone has their own flavor your humor maybe not be your cup of tea, but I think your being a little harsh no? Instead of completely turning away from why embrace it, try to understand the origin of the material, whether it be a joke or topic that is subjectively unique to him that’s the beauty of being open minded. Try it bro might help.

  1. I think Ben is great.
  2. Ben should’ve been elected President in 2020.
  3. Ben always has something interesting to say.
  4. So in conclusion, #Gleib2024!

I definitely understand your point of view, but he grates on me to no end I love the damage report but his presence takes away any joy the show gives. And he has been on 3 times in the last month as a cohost. So while you speak the absolute truth I cannot watch the show if he is speaking.

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Also i did. try first time he cohosted TDR I watched live had to shut it off, next time he cohosted I tried watching some segments after the fact and only when he came back a third time despite being what I deem to be a terribly boring and cocky cohost is when I started bitching and yes this is a bitch fest but I am a paying member I have a right as a consumer to let TYT know that I am disatisfied. So while you think I am harsh and I will grant you I am petty I think my arguments are fair. As Çenk always says you got to be fair and we all complain all the time about bad right wing comedians just because he is left wing doesn’t make him entertaining or talented and so far in what I have seen he has never offered an original view.

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I can definitely agree to disagree not everyone is kindred spirits lol. But I will only say his heart is in the right place and he’s taking time out of his life to speak with others, I can get with that :grin:


I get that you’re dissatisfied, but do you really think posting “Ben Gleib sucks” is the most effective way to express your dissatisfaction? I see the TYT community as a team, we’re members because we share a common belief/understanding, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to share the same views or have the same taste in humor.

If you’re going to express or comment on a team member’s performance, I recommend addressing it respectfully and offer solutions or suggestions on improvement. We should be empowering each other to grow, not breaking each other down.


I both agree with @karennyvette and disagree with @capviksolo. This was not the best way to communicate your dissatisfaction, but also, I find Ben Gleib to be moderate in his level self-assurance and to be delightfully funny. (Sorry posted to quick) That said, I will let the mod team know that you are not pleased with Ben Gleib hosting.

I am being disrespectful to Ben Glieb but like all my points are valid I could have been more polite but he was being spammed on all the shows and I can’t stand him. I don’t think I’m being disrespectful to the community but you are all welcome to have your own opinions. But litterally skip the entire show when he is there on any show. He is beyond irritating to me

My solution is not to invite him back. But I also recognize I am not the only person they have to please. But I did offer solution.

What if it’s not just about pleasing the people that are already viewers? Could it be that he brought in a few more people? And more people pleases us the viewers :smiley:


Again I understand there are reasons I was just trying to make it known to the TYT staff and whoever that I cannot stand the guy. I was just thinking about in the recent attention of this post I made almost two months ago. But he is the only cohost I’m remotely bothered by and it’s like he makes my ears bleed I even tried watching with the sound off but I can’t help it he grates on me in the worst way. I Genuinely enjoy all the other hosts and cohosts. And also while the title may be rude I feel my points made in the first paragraph are not only valid but are not made out in a disrespectful manner as suggested by some reading this.

I do not suggest we all have the same tastes, and rereading my post I don’t find it disrespectful. I can see how the title may upset you in some way and I apologize for that but I was just trying to make my opinion known to the network because he was being spammed in all my content. I believe my points made in the first post to concise and valid. What would you have me do for a solution? My solution offered in the post is to quit having him cohost or have him cohost shows I don’t watch I’m good with either.

Hey I get it. He’s not your cup of tea, but you also don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Do you ever think that John has a lot going on and invites Ben because he trusts him to lead his show when Francesca is unavailable?

You are entitled to your own opinion and you have every right to express it! It’s not about what you have to say, it’s about HOW you say it.

There’s a difference between saying “he acts likes the host of the show and not John” and “I noticed that Ben often takes the lead when he co-host. What’s that about?” And instead of saying “he’s not funny” maybe you should be more specific like “I found his joke about XYZ to be offensive” And instead of “his impressions are terrible/he can’t enunciate” try “he needs to work on his impressions and enunciation. Sometimes I can’t understand him.”

All I’m saying is that If you’re going to criticize, at least be constructive about it and be respectful. Consider how the other person will receive your message… How would you feel if someone came to your job and just told you that you suck? Would you hear anything they had to say after that or would you dismiss them immediately?

Personally I like all the hosts, but I will say I do have my favorites. I appreciate all of them and I respect all the good they’re doing out there. I wish I could do more, but work and family consume my time, so I’m grateful for the TYT community and I support our mission.

You’re part of the TYT community, so I already have mad respect for you. Just be kinder next time. :slight_smile:


I understand what your saying I do! But I’m half German and grew up around the military and Germans I don’t “Hallmark” my phrasing. But I will try to be courteous in future.


…And so what if he does. Does that mean you must share your displeasures to all those who do enjoy his style, & quick to nail it down ‘lit’. Maybe keeping something like that about any brotherman soul of the progressive family you may not like, as “Unavailable” & to self… No? 0k, …Bye now. …^j= ‘’‘iow…chill’‘’

I honestly don’t understand like 80% of this reply. But to the first line as stated in my comment I was trying let people who make decisions about who hosts and what not to know that I consumer was unhappy with this product.

I think Ben’s good at presenting. The assumption that he’s trying to steal John’s thunder is an opinion that may be true I guess, but does John feel this way about it? Maybe that’s how they roll on Friday. John is constantly presenting, maybe he likes the break? We just don’t know. I don’t think that because you dislike Ben (which is a non issue) that means that the 4 bullet points above are true. It’s easy to counter each and every one with another opinion or perspective. I guess I hear you that Ben is often leading the stories on Fridays, but I think he’s great. I like the way he talks, who’s to judge?

I have no problem with someone countering it. What I balk at is some how I am disrespecting the community by sharing my opinion or that I don’t offer a solution I do offer a solution don’t bring him on and my voicing my opinion obviously stops no one from voicing theirs. I don’t find my bullet points to be unfounded or untrue and for those worried I hurt Bens feelings 1. I doubt he will ever see it. 2. if a professional comedian can’t handle one heckler then he is in the wrong profession

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The fact that this thread I started 2 months ago gets so much interaction boggles my mind I posted a much more consequential thread and got two replies. But this one everyone jumps in with why are you attacking Ben you big mean cripple?