Bias News

I have so many reasons i love the show. It has been hard to not be someone who feels a trust in media and refused to watch cnn, msnbc, fox or the like in knoing their spin if facts can be found are basically lying to us. The issue i have with media in general and have always had is how do we live out lives, know who to vote for and be informed and not just vote democrate or republican? I am upset enpugh i cant even bother with the grammar or punctuation at this time. Just the simple fact that after years of not voting because i dont feel informed and viewing this as a fail on the part of my civic duty because i dont know where to begin because of corperste media and then when sick and nearly dead just hyperbolic but fact and i stumble on tyt and start to realize that this is honest and true. Even in the face of comgress imposing a legal change to a definition in process to silence protectors over gaza, they in my view unconstitutionally so, and yet tyt is still honestly and fairly calling Biden out. It is hard to watch this with the concern i have for direction if republicans get Trump ellected but then i am seeing every story that brings Trump up is so biased and unfairly soft on Trump. Its one thing to not beat a dead horse but it is appauling to make light of a man who pushed and instigsted a violent insurection, resulted in the death of a capitol police and cpuld have lead to the death of Mike Pence, Nancy Polocy and more. They before that had reports to attempt to dismantle the checks on the presidency and this time there are not checks and the heritage foundation is reported to be woeking to suport this, supported by his words in an interview with times, the entire republican party is helping him actively and he is aupported by the suprime court and it feels like Ana is just kissing up to him if not giving unfair bias and soft reporting to him. I am concerned for the integrity of the stories around Trump. If your going to be the most fair network then be the most fair network.

While I have unfortunately been too busy to do pretty much anything this past week, including watching TYT, I simply cannot believe that Ana would be “kissing up to” or “giving unfair bias and soft reporting” to anyone.