BIG BANG!… Hello…?

I am super excited about Op. Hope and Cenk2024 but where is Cenk and Ro Kanna or anyone taking theses ideas down to organize us? Broke as fuck and just lost my job but donated to Cenk and reuped my TYT subscription. Hello…? Let’s do this already. I don’t understand what’s happening, why are we stalling?


I think it is all coming together we just have to be patient.

This is so depressing. I don’t think Cenk it’s trying to pull a fast one for his book but it’s starting to feel that way. This sucks.

Word, I get it writing a book to help others see truth in a world of darkness.

You really think that seems like that would be consistent with a confidence artist? Given his decades of service to the cause for little return, I guess throw that all away for a bit of book money?