Big News Documentary about the US media

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So as regular TYT viewers know, all of the hosts love to talk about how bad the “mainstream media” is at doing their jobs, and I definitely agree with them! The media in the US has gotten so bad that other countries have taken notice.

Recently, CBC News from Canada did a one hour documentary on how bad, divisive, and polarizing the US media has gotten to be, titled Big News. Interestingly, it even uses a couple of clips from TYT and a clip from the Humanist Report. I watched it and agreed with about 90% of it and would definitely recommend watching it, and if possible, have Cenk and Ana discuss it on either the main show or Bonus Episode.

Note that you will need a VPN to watch it since it is geo-blocked outside of Canada. A little hassle, but definitely worth it in my opinion. The forum here won’t let me post links but just Google “CBC News Big News Documentary” and you’ll easily find the link.

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Thanks for letting us know. I found a short clip of it on Youtube - Big News documentary explores U.S. media, polarization - YouTube

Hopefully I can watch it soon. Fitting that U.S. can’t watch it…

Maybe this could be a suggestion for our movie/book club. The only problem is that not everyone may have a VPN.

Ya it took me awhile to get access to this, so probably not going to be easy for a lot. Glad we figured out what movie to watch though - thanks you to you!

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Awwww shucks! Thanks, Alison! :blush:

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