Bill proposal to Promote Discussion

Actionable bills are the best, obviously, but in an environment where passing anything progressive is unlikely, it’s also important to have bills that can kick off valuable discussions/narratives.

For example: the Prevent Government Waste Act
-propose a bill where any department that cannot pass an audit for 3 consecutive years has its budget automatically cut by 1/3
-promote and discuss this bill as “Basic, common-sense conservative proposal, to reduce wasteful government spending”
-If you can trick any conservatives into talking about it favorably, even better

The “Trick”: The biggest department that seems utterly unable to pass any audit is… Defense. This bill, if actually implemented (which it would never be), would cut hundreds of billions of dollars in defense spending. But if we could get any mainstream media discussion of this, you’d have corporate politicians defending that “we can’t cut defense!” in the context of how the pentagon can’t pass an audit.

I would also propose a bill that would ensure the supremacy of the United States Military by “setting US annual defense spending each year to be equal to the sum total of the 3-year average of the next 5 largest military budgets in the world”.
…which would of course be a major decrease in spending, since the US currently spends more on defense than the next TEN largest military budgets - about half of which are allies.

I think this is a legislature centric view of how discussion is generated. I think very few bills will generate discussion. This only seems to happen when the bills line up with events that propel their importance. The right is very good a manufacturing this event, however it always seems fake. The left thinks you just wait for public support and when it happens it is an a auspicious occasion. They seemingly make no effort to coordinate with voters, this suits our master legislature well. They can look brave and do nothing. Go Chuck / Nancy!

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Strategically promote Bill that garners wide support across the whole political spectrum and that will cut defense budget [Strategic: wide support, creates buzz] [concept: lower defense spending]


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