Breaking Points, Cenk for President

Good to see you on Breaking Points this morning, keep being awesome!


I want to help Cenk on a platform.

I think you guys should run in a group to defray the tempest. I do know it is late and we have modest capabilities. I will say one is better then none.

So to whom ever runs here are some platform ideas:

Small business grants: Appropriate oil subsides turn them into a green venture capital program backed by the SBA.

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Rail overhaul: Invest heavily into rail this will help the housing crisis. Also industry will move when they figure out how much more efficient goods could be transported on said railway.

Luxury Tax: Tax on all housing not occupied by their owners. (hunting / vacation cabin exclusion with value cap)

Decentralized power generation grants.

Trade agreement renegotiations with a global workers bill of rights.

$20 minimum wage.

UBI tied to the poverty rate.

FEMA funding for temporary housing for homeless.

Department of agriculture should support programs that directly fund farming co-operative startups.

Medicare of all.

Limit all fundraising actives any politician does to 6 month prior to the beginning of primary / general election they wish to run for.

Complete overhaul of US government system of awarding grants.

Complete overhaul of US patent office along with structural rethinking of intellectual property law.

Reverse financial penalties for striking workers.


Unemployment insurance coverage: We should have a avenue to allow for strikers insurance similar to an Aflac. This should operate similar and cover costs incurred by strikers when a strike is called.

Water projects: Municipal water storage, retooling water distribution, mandated mulching / stone cover, smart irrigation, settlement relocation, levee networks, and dam projects.

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