Bridging the Gap

To effectively advance the cause of paid family leave in the United States and secure Republican support, we should organize events that not only appeal to right-wing sensibilities but also give the appearance of being organized by Republicans.

To begin, these events should be designed to reflect a strong Republican influence. This means carefully selecting venues and speakers who hold conservative values, creating a comfortable and familiar atmosphere for the attendees. Entertainment and activities should cater to a right-wing audience, featuring country music performances and patriotic displays. The performers will subtly express their support for paid family leave.

Distribute leaflets and materials that highlight the benefits of paid family leave without promoting other liberal values. Collect and share personal stories from those who have directly benefited from paid family leave to create a sense of unity among attendees facing similar hardships. Focus on economic benefits by providing fact sheets, real-life examples, and economic analyses to educate attendees. Emphasize that paid family leave is not a partisan issue but a way to support American families and the workforce.

To further this cause, showcase successful paid family leave programs in conservative-leaning states, demonstrating alignment with Republican principles.

Highlight National Security by Emphasizing how paid family leave can contribute to national security by supporting military families and promoting family values by allowing parents to be present during crucial family moments.

Combine the funds raised from these events to hire lobbyists. Additionally, form an official list of conservatives within the 74% group, in conjunction with a coalition of business owners and Republican influencers, who can maximize the effectiveness of lobbying efforts and spreading our values

This approach blends grassroots support with targeted political influence, thus increasing the chances of success.

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I love the “Trojan Horse” component of this. I have thought on the Trojan Horse strategy, but only as a strategy to fool the recommendation algorithms with titles with a right-wing framing but ending up covering a common ground policy(ies). Cenk is right when affirming that most of American spouse to progressive policies, even if they are oblivious of those policies being progressive.

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Im lov’n this😍

First, it’s absolutely crucial that everyone participating in this data creation, assessment and implementation ground understand the primary emotion driving every choice we make, regardless of our understanding, is love.
When you completely understand this, you can unlock minds and allow for the reassessment of choices because that’s what we’re here for.
There’s no difference between us, only common interests we haven’t identified :thinking:
I might “lean left” but i was also a firearms competition shooter and a tradesman.
"Get talking shop and the common ground appears between you ";>》