Bringing Deconstructed Christians into the Fold

Since 2016, there’s been a huge wave of Christian’s that had once been fundamentalist evangelicals that have now left, due to Trump and MAGA insanity. For many, including myself, it’s extremely difficult to transition after losing your community, your safety nets, and a lot of your beliefs. But I think this might be where progressives come in.

What if we created a strong enough community for all of these people to find a home in? I’ve noticed Ana has been talking about some of the content regarding the Moral Majority, and how they weaponized the topic of abortion, but maybe we could work with some deconstruction groups, podcasts, etc? It’s hard for people outside of fundamentalism to understand what it’s like on the inside, and like it or not, evangelicals hold a huge voting block of the electorate. We are going to have to understand our enemy and create a place for people to come to after they leave if we want those votes.


There is certainly a need to provided a loving and accepting community for the victims of religious indoctrination. You are not alone. The concept of “god” doesn’t need to be lost when those ties are severed and neither does the feeling of community or belonging.

A society that encourages free thought, self discovery and exploration over profits and productivity would be a massive improvement to this effort.


Not even just community, as well. Because a lot of us, speaking from experience, were extremely indoctrinated into Christian nationalism. We all were taught to be super politically involved radicals. So what if we made a space for those who want to fight for the right side for once?

I have so many podcasts and communities that I’m part of that I think would be absolutely ecstatic to have a centralized place that is working to mobilize us all. If there’s one thing evangelicals have got right, it’s how easily they unite and mobilize politically. Why not do something similar in affect?


Enemies in rhetorical sense. Fellow humans like us


My obvious

I think this will be a place that could work. We just need to have an understanding that all religions and theological positions are welcome as long as they don’t preach hate or domination.

I think atheist, agnostics, and observant followers may work together to make a better future for everyone.