Campaign Finance Reform

Exciting update: Maine initiative aims to limit PAC contributions, could reshape campaign finance laws. Join Citizens to End Super PACs #CampaignFinanceReform #CitizenstoEndSuperPACs


This is so important because our voices mean nothing if billionaires keep controlling the government. We’ll never be able to make the lives of us average Americans better when the billionaires tell our Representatives what to do. We need to get behind this and get money out of politics!


Some ideas for helping the Maine Initiative:

Public Advocacy:

  1. Raising Awareness:

    • Public Speaking Engagements, Social Media, and Op-Eds:

      • Speak at events, conferences, and community gatherings to highlight the importance of campaign finance reform.
      • Use social media platforms to share insights, updates, and calls to action regarding the Maine Activists Initiative.
      • Write op-eds for local newspapers and online publications to reach a wider audience.
    • Informative Content:

      • Create and distribute videos, infographics, and articles that explain how Super PACs impact elections and governance.
      • Use clear and engaging visuals to convey complex information about campaign finance reform.
  2. Building Support:

    • Public Events:

      • Organize town hall meetings, forums, and panel discussions to engage with the community and gather support.
      • Encourage open discussions and Q&A sessions to address concerns and questions from the public.
    • Collaborations:

      • Partner with local organizations, community leaders, and influencers to amplify the message.
      • Leverage their networks to reach a broader audience and build a coalition of supporters.
  3. Empowering Citizens:

    • Educational Materials and Workshops:

      • Develop and distribute educational materials that explain the Maine Activists Initiative and its significance.
      • Conduct workshops to inform citizens about how they can get involved and support the initiative.
    • Campaign for Voter Participation:

      • Launch a campaign to encourage voter participation in upcoming elections.
      • Advocate for campaign finance reform as a key issue to be addressed by elected officials.

Policy Advocacy:

  1. Building Momentum:
    • Meetings Between Lawmakers and Constituents:
      • Coordinate meetings where lawmakers can hear directly from constituents who support the initiative.
      • Showcase the public’s backing for campaign finance reform and the potential positive impact on governance.

Showcase Potential Success:

  • Set a Precedent for Capping Super PACs Nationwide:
    • Emphasize how success in Maine could serve as a model for other states and lead to nationwide changes.
    • Highlight the broader implications of limiting Super PAC contributions and reinstating federal regulations.

Any thoughts?