Can the history of how the British NHS was created help us in getting Medicare For All passed?

Can the history of how the British NHS was created help us in getting Medicare For All passed?

We have medicare in Aotearoa/New Zealand :new_zealand: especially for our visitors to our country.


It could and should provide some sort of road map for the U.S. I think the Brits of the era were more cohesive as a people though and really saw the enormous benefits of it.

It was a labor movement that held work stoppages and slowing (they would literally start walking slowly) I am pretty sure it started with dock / factory workers.

Yes. I agree we should use it as a roadmap.

The Beveridge Report, published in 1942, provided a roadmap for a post-war reformation of Social Services, including Social Security and the NHS, among other things. The accomplishments of the Labour government from 1945 to 1951 were the equivalent, for Britain, of those of the FDR and Johnson administrations combined.

Road maps and milestones are important for projects. I have this functional working in my next installment of progressive thinktanks. My version would by agnostic to the project so their maybe some Medicare specific augmentations.

Thank you for your input. I must respectfully disagree on your assertion that the accomplishments of the labour government from 45-51 being the equivalent of what FDR and Johnson did. Unlike the NHS, neither the New Deal nor the Great Society guaranteed healthcare to every citizen. But thats a minor point. I guess my main point is we need to unite on a strategy to get this done. And we need to be ready to fight. We need a stomach for war.

It was passed as the result of world war 2 and absolutely catastrophic economic conditions for people in the UK, this never occurred in the United States, Canada is a much better example

It also built off the Lloyd-George Act of 1911, which moved britian closer to universal healthcare, many Americans don’t know know this but during the progressive era the state of California actually proposed a ballot measure on a much more compressive bill, but it failed votewise

One thing, of many, that we could learn from the NHS is that they make drug companies prove their products are safe and effective and they don’t let the drug companies create the prices.