Can we please get single payer health care!

It is absolutely ridiculous that the most powerful country to ever exist doesn’t provide health care to its citizens.

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While I agree that we should definitely get single payer healthcare, what doesn’t shock me is that this country with all it’s immense power does not provide healthcare to its citizens. Power corrupts and the US has a problem with having unchecked power.

That is also the way I would probably frame that statement you said. You said that the US is the most powerful country to ever exist. I say that the US has the most unchecked power of any country to exist.

If we had spent a reasonable effort moderating and controlling the undue influence the US has on the world and upon its citizens to have reasonable limitations then perhaps much of the world, including some of our country’s own citizens like myself would not see the US as the vehicle for tyranny that it is.


That is the good actions vs good intentions problem.

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