Cancel Student Debt

I wished that TYT as a network would give more attention to the student loans problem Biden continues to ignore because I saw the video that Cenk and Ana praised Biden to doing barely anything meaningful for the American people. I didn’t like it because for a progressive news network like TYT to do that shows that problem would get ignored until it becomes unsolvable. I don’t know about you, but I feel Biden doing next to nothing is downright despicable for Biden allowing the pause to end without broad cancellation of the debt even though the HEA (Higher Education Act) allows him to do so.

Also it is not just Biden, it is the “progressive” members (AOC, Bernie, etc) in Congress are prioritizing politeness over concrete action regarding canceling student debt. When I saw Alexandria Ocasio Cortez post an Instagram video regarding the student loan situation a month ago, I was furious that he is basically Biden’s talking points rather than what she will do to demand at least extending the pause. But I grew more and more hopeless that leaders, especially progressives would rather inflict untold financial harm on to the American people rather than making an effort to at least making the student loan pause permanent.

What do you guys think?

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I think this is a great direction. Part of the problem is public private research partnerships as well. There should be transparency and public benefit IP standards in these partnerships.

One thing people don’t know is that when they cancel the student loan debt it is counted as “income” by the IRS so you have to pay income tax on it!! I know this because the very tail end of my student loan debt was forgiven due to my being on disability for over 5 years (yes, if you’re on SSDI for over 5 years you can apply through NelNet? to have your student loans forgiven if approved, you must be permanently disabled (there are guidelines for that, it doesn’t mean you’ll never work again but assumed that you won’t for a handful more years) and not work for at least 3 years after they have forgiven the debt, for obvious reasons. You also can never take out another student loan again or you have to pay back the original student loan they forgave (that is crazy). If you’re low income you can apply for a waiver for that income tax penalty by stating that you’re indigent and can’t afford to pay the tax on the forgiven amount.