Cenk and the Presidency

I have sat with this for a while. There was so much news that I wish Cenk had commented on when he was writing his book. His insights matter a lot especially right now.

I have mixed feelings about you seeking the Presidency. With everything going on I feel very uneasy about it. Just for myself I would much rather have Cenk doing the news and trying to break into the mainstream. I do not know why it makes me uneasy about you running for President. But it does. It’s not you in anyway. It’s just a feeling.

Maybe it is the amount of chaos in the world. Maybe it will be him missing when we need his opinion more than ever. And maybe I believe TYT media needs to be his focus to go mainstream and long term is more important than the presidency.

I support you all either way as long as you keep up what you are doing. I donated to the campaign what I could. But my gut says this isn’t the time and place.

We need media like TYT to go national and cover a large region. I don’t agree with everything you folks say but I believe you are honest in where you stand and you yield actual information I can use to see why things are happening in Washington. Information that I knew as well but never heard voiced nor informed in a way that yielded clarity. Now I can predict their actions as well thanks to you.

I think your voice is needed Cenk. But I believe TYT is the place for you, not the presidency.

I know you want to get in the fight Cenk but just take care. And trust your gut.

Also know that winning the Presidency probably wouldn’t be a water shed event. Everyone in congress and the media will be gunning for you. The ability to accomplish what you desire without support in congress, lots of money behind you and honest media is problematic.

The American people cannot be saved from themselves. They must see clearly what is going on and be willing to make the right choices. And nudged in the honest direction so we can make good choices.

The old phrase for making good choices is garbage in, garbage out. Why do you think the media dumps so much garbage on the citizens. They know with good information they will make good choices instead of the ones that enable the corrupt.

I believe the solution to our problems is bigger than any one person or event.