*Cenk Food*: TYT food line

A snacks line called Cenk Food could be a good revenue stream for TYT. We see most financially successful shows on the right wing push crappy products. What if we take that idea and sell healthy food called Cenk Food?

TYT has a loyal fan base and I believe it is a win-win for the members and TYT. Members get to buy healthy food and TYT gets a revenue stream. Unlike Merch, these products are repeatedly bought every month or every week.

I once brought up this idea in members’ comments on the live show but perhaps this might be a better place to discuss and possibly get @cenkuygur 's attention on the idea.


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They do have a shop where individuals can buy shirts, coffee mugs and other apparel. I was just checking it out the other day, I like their stickers.

What is there to lose, especially if they don’t look and act like the kind of dolt Trump looked like while introducing his garbage looking shoes? Cenk, Ana, John and company at least hawk their offerings in a responsible manner.

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Please, no more consumer products, especially single use wrappings that litter and, air sea.How a tatoo for yourself?