Cenk for President!

If Cenk get’s this to work does he inspire Schwarzenegger to run as a republican or as a running mate?

If Cenk can run for U.S. President, heck yeah! I am supporting Marianne Williamson right now but I would switch in a heartbeat and vote for Cenk!!


Cenk/Mariguana 2024!!

I love the CU in 2024 campaign message, like See You in 2024…dads will love that joke LOL


That is why I posted that! Totally cool way to encourage ppl to vote with his initials within…hint hint!


I know it is a HUGE decision but I hope he decides to run and announces soon!
We need media and press attention on Cenk and our progressive values ASAP. Primaries are upon us and we need every voter in every state to have options. I think the first Democrat primary voting date is in February, that will be here in a blink. I just hope Cenk can get enough funding to keep a campaign afloat.


If it were possible to rally and get enough attention to create some positive influence with this, why wouldn’t those resources be put towards Nina Turner running?

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Young. Free. U.S.A.

 The country is ready for a youth movement. He says the youth vote is just around the corner. His pillar to lean on for a presidential bid could take the form of a vivid and entertaining appeal to young Americans and those who wish to feel young for love of country. He could represent himself as a catalyst for a brief age of transition as we move away from the old guard and rush in the exciting new youth movement. He wouldn't be making the campaign all about himself, but dramatically shifting the focus to helping young people achieve power.

Slogan ideas/ chants:

"We are..."

"Young. Free. U.S.A. !"

"Young and Free U.S.A. !"

 Generally people might not take young leaders seriously at first because people think wisdom comes with age. But obviously the old guard does not embody wisdom at all. 

"Insider traders are traitors."

 Therefore, Cenk can make an appeal that wisdom is a pursuit. It's nothing more and nothing less, and it requires continuous adjustments. He doesn't have to be superman carrying the world on his shoulders if he admits his candidacy is a journey. The journey itself, the adventure, could be a focus point, a rallying point, a shared narrative representing the steep uphill climb of people speaking truth to power.

 "I would not be your celebrity president. I am just an arm... of the people. An arm for good natured family values. And I don't have a small army of support staff making sure my every appearance looks immaculate and perfect. I'm a family man with a lunch pail work ethic and a beautiful vision for this country and it's the same house on the hill vision we all should know. I just need to remind what is forgotten because our young people are not learning what once made America powerful and united."

 Consider that Cenk has plenty of ammo to support a claim that he can usher in a youth movement. He has a track record of giving strong minded young people a platform to speak truth to power. He's been a launch pad for successful, young influencers.

 "If I am president I will merely continue to do what I always do: give youth the platform they need to carry an inherited burden they didn't ask for but must overcome."

 "It's the spirit of the country that must be made young again. Young and fresh. No matter your biological age we can all feel young for love of country. We can all share in the vision: it is love of country that bestows youthful vigor and spirit. The spirit of the country makes us young and fresh."

 "We should feel free when we think of love for country. Working together it would restore grace to the country to make our youth healthy and strong leaders. To share in the work... I am just one arm to help but we all can do it and must do it because it's easy to see current leadership is failing. Who in their right mind would argue against me on that?"

Anyways I was just kicking around this idea in case anyone likes it.

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Cenk cannot run for president because the constitution requires the President to be a “natural born citizen”. That means he had to become a citizen at the time of birth. There are only two ways to be a natural born citizen: 1) Be born inside the US or one of its territories OR 2) One of his parents was a citizen of the US at the time of his birth. I don’t know why he thinks he can get around this.

I’m a massive fan of Cenk, though I don’t agree on every position exactly. It’s been a massive bump in the road for the future of progressivism ever since Bernie Sanders lost the primary against the establishment forces unified effort. It also hurt when Nina Turner lost. Progressive momentum has really stalled, and with it the psyche that good will triumph. Cenk’s run for congress didn’t even make a blip, so there’s another downer to add. That said, Operation Hope is a great theme and approach, because we desperately need hope. Biden is in fact a half o plate of shit, but worse than that, he’s a stiff. Very foreboding circumstances, considering the mainstream media seems pretty willing to accept the options of corporatism or full on fascism. I’m skeptical of the impact Cenk can make, but we need something resembling hope. I’ll back Cenk----OF COOOOOOOURSE!

I’m befuddled that nobody prominent has stepped up to challenge Biden for a Democratic primary. The Democratic party might change in this when it’s too late…So the time is now for somebody to light a fire under the azzez of the left…If Cenk shows for a rally here, I’ll be there loud and with tears in my eyes.

Hey Cenk,

I started watching TYT for the first time over the summer and I’ve never felt more inspired to get involved in politics and debates than I do now! Everyone is incredibly powerful when they speak on here. Now I’m a member and currently reading “Justice is Coming” and it’s only increasing my motivation and drive to enact a positive change. I don’t want to be blind anymore, I’m finally seeing our politicians for what they truly are and who they work for. That’s not the democracy that we want or need! We need people in congress that work for the majority and struggling minorities. I believe that you will fight for us Cenk, you are honest and you have empathy for the people! Please fight for us! I will support you and Operation Hope!

Thank you, I believe in you!



He’s an American to me, why does it matter that he wasn’t born on American soil? He’s fought harder for us than most and would be an amazing candidate for President. He will speak for the majority and for science and doctors and FACTS. He’s also not a criminal like another candidate who is a “natural born citizen”. Mostly everyone’s ancestors are not American born and were invaders to this land and it’s people. The person who runs for President should be running for the people, not for themselves or their donors. I believe that person should be Cenk Uygur!


I agree with all those things but the fact is the the constitution says what it says. We can fight to change it but we need to live in the real world first.

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Yes he can, that doesn’t matter. The Constitution permits it.

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Let me just say at the outset I believe the natural born requirement to be unjust. But we have to first live in the real world if we want to change it.

The constitution not permit Cenk to be elected president. Article 2 section 1 clause 5 of the US constitution reads:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President”

In 1970, when Cenk was born, the only way to be a natural born citizen was to be the child of an American citizen, or born in a state in the US, or US federal territory.

What about the 14th amendment?

The equal protection clause means citizens will treated equally by the courts and that no citizen, natural born or naturalized, will be deprived of any right granted to them by the Constitution. Because Cenk is not a natural born citizen of the US, the Constitution does not grant him the right to be elected President. Therefore, the 14th amendment does not give Cenk the right to be elected president.

Again, I would agree with those who argue this is unjust but for now this is the law and Cenk shouldn’t waste time or money trying this because in the end it will be a fools errand and waste lots of time, money, and let a lot of people down.

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It’s already been tested by the Supreme Court in other instances. You don’t think Cenk already looked into this?

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Please run cenk! We absolutely need a strong, motivated, and honest progressive person in the white house. Joe biden is incredibly selfish if he wont step aside, knowing the numbers. Id do anything to help avoid a Trump v Biden rematch…


Apparently not. I’d love to hear arguments though.

so why put in this part if you already have the first part?

Read my post above I expound on this.


Cenk for POTUS? Please don’t. Not because biden/DNC/neolibs NEED the wake up cal, they very much do. BUT, I think long term we neeed more to deepen and widen the bench by touting and funding progressive candidates at city/county/state not just federal offices. Your running would take needed energy and funds away from that longer tern effort. yes I get that the fear of fascism grips you and others- but we do need to think longer term than preventing this in 2024. Efforts at ending gerrymandering nationwide, voting rights restoration, and ranked choice voting also need touting and funding IN ALL 50 states.

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