Cenk has some explaining to do

His intentions were to shine the light on the fact that neither Trump or Biden should be in this race. Uphill are the only battles that need a front guy to take the first step. Light shines. More people see the intention wasn’t to get SCOTUS to say foreign
born Americans can run, it was to say fuck the normal corporate polititans and let us actually vote for what we want. With all the choices, not just the ones they let us choose from.


I get what his intentions were. He made them very clear… for months.

The problem is he greatly over-estimated his (or anyone’s) ability to change the reality that Biden and Trump were going to run again, and literally no one had the power to make them NOT run but themselves. Once they stayed on the primary ballots, they each garnered an overwhelming portion of their party’s votes.

This should have been obvious to Cenk. So the fact he demonstrated it wasn’t by running for president himself and failing to change anything except the amount of debt he accumulated in the process, left a black mark on both his judgment and comprehension of the state of our politics. And by extension, makes TYT’s fans and audience members look foolish too.

I completely disagree. I just wanted to say that. I hope you have a lovely evening.


Yes, I get that.

I just think the political influence TYT once had has vaporized for substantial and understandable reasons.

Enjoy your evening as well.

Wow guys can’t believe i missed getting in on this discussion from the start :joy: first, raise you hand if you gave money to the campaign or if you volunteered . Next keep it raised if you want a refund. I for one got my money’s worth. We brought the fight to them in the primaries and forced them to cancel primaries and show their utter fear of us. Great, i like that the establishment is scared. The project, like all leaps of faith, was a project that kept the candlelight of hope alive so we could keep pushing the party further to the correct position. Populist left. We got some campaign commercials that were AWESOME and that i shared far and wide. Cenk was honest about the court case process and the money it takes to go through it. At the end the campaign still needed funds to cover debts I believe. But history has vindicated us, we were right, and if the primaries would have had debates we would have seen Biden was a walking corpse and the people would have had a chance to replace him then. Instead of all this pathetic hand wringing we see from the party right now. It’s fucking embarrassing and I’m an independent. Just looking at the Dem party makes me embarrassed to see how patheticly corrupt they are. Still, all that being said, a fighting populist leading the party would very likely bring people like me back because we want to beat the Republicans so bad!



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:heart::heart::heart::muscle:t4::clap::muscle:t4::clap::muscle:t4::clap::fist:t4::heart_on_fire: i wish there was an elbow from the sky emote on here. Omg. Great comments all around. I’m catching up on this thread and I just want to reply to all the good points, but I don’t want it to take up whole pages worth :sweat_smile:


I have no desire to do evil here. I’m simply expressing my concern. It was obvious a legal challenge was going to happen so why didn’t he do that first? The campaign is meaningless if you’re not allowed to be president in the first place. Cenk is a smart guy. So I have to assume this was intentional, and if it was intentional why wouldn’t he put it all on the line to get this to the supreme court? You can’t tell me someone with his contacts in the legal profession wouldn’t have represented him. I’m sure there are many foreign born attorneys who are admitted to the SCOTUS bar out there who would take this case pro bono if they felt there was an actual case to be made.

I have a very different view of why Cenk ran. I could be wrong but one of the major things was he isn’t born in USA. So his run allowed him to file cases in court saying people other than natural born citizens should be able to run. I have no clue what happened to those. I didn’t keep up

He filed to be a candidate and waited for states to deny him which he then challenged. All you need is a few to challenge to fight it in court.

I know. Doesnt change my point

@sciguy24 I thought this was over. I have a life and way better things to do then listen to your BS and argumentative behavior that goes no where. I’m sorry but you seem like a very sad and hateful person or at least that’s the impression that you give others. Good luck with all that.