China and the US meet this week in San Francisco

Chinese seem to be going through very rough economic times. Due to the forced saving rate inherent in their finical system means they will likely go through social turmoil this also means their economy will likely not crumble just reform.

Things that they will likely discuss publicly:

AI ban in antonymous military drones.
New architecture chip embargo.
Chinese bases in Filipino waters.
One China.

Things they will not talk about but should:

Global nuclear disarmament treaty.
Global workers rights treaty.

Things they will talk about, but not publicly:

Proxy war in Ukraine it would some are accusing China of supplying arms to Russia.

This proxy battle in Ukraine has been more stable then the Israel conflict seems to be. This Hamas Israeli conflict could easily spill into neighbors to Israel. This conflict could easily spill into a conflict where China would covertly send arms to Iranian backed groups.

Fentanyl exportation into US via shipping ports and cartel routes. These compounding labs in China aren’t regulated or stifled by the state.

CCP Stealth police stations on US soil.