Clever Names 4 Campaign to Blaze

Potential (character) Names for Cenk and others: TOPIC: all bout naming people and things

Mentch-Boss: The Fresh-Maker

Cenk the Tank

Cenk the Bank-Breaker

Cenk or Walk the Plank (I know I know)

Civility & Upward Mobility Delivery?

The Incorruptible Wonder-Solution to Rumble w/ Agent-Orange: Trouble-Producer? :grimacing:

SORRY these suck so much; they’re just meant to get the creativity flowing and the ball rolling.


He’s Gonna Run this Joke Right Outta Town; AKA: “Agent-Orange the Impoverished Clown”; or the Blunder-Prone “Mar-a-lago Fart-Sound” ; “The Mushroom-Dicked Echo”; “Old-ass Nazi Velcro”; the “Renowned Crown-Prince of the MAGA-Round”; the “Buttefaced Blob”; “The SMALL-Penis Weenus” “the Whiny Fetus Cletus” ; “the Tiny Knobbed Slob” “the Night-Tantrum-Phantom” “the Round Rapist” “The Mafia-Town Clown” …whatever you call him…Cenk will sit him down.

And in but one round, he’ll be found at the pound; face-down, forgotten, and even MORE round (looking forward to the more round).

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Is an amazing slogan.

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