Clues that may lead to the right line of questioning…..hypothetically speaking

All right so I’m going to try to break this down on a step-by-step basis by just referring to simple facts that we’ve seen being publicized by news and things that we’ve heard over general media. So we are all well aware of the rebuild back better plan and how it l did not go through based off politician’s self interest and a lot of behind the scenes activity that the public isn’t generally aware of, but as facade claimed we’re not finically stable enough to invest and effectively execute the rebuild better plan without putting the country at risk financially. But time and time again it’s show when monetary funds are needed for their own personal self interest, I mean simply look at funding for military alone, we could funded that entire bill plus some more. Now this brings me to my other point China and various others countries. Specifically China has focused on the niche of infrastructural role in order to create a dynamic of reliance or servitude. I mean look at its involvement in Africa. Which begs the question of Russia asking China for assistance. How deeply steeped is our country in global laundering and to what specific niche. Is there power struggle amongst 1st world countries and what’s keeping everything within a hairline of stability not resulting on WW3? There is so much collusion and convolution people are going mad to try to figure things out just to live a simple life, it’s nonsensical and manipulative. The public is borderline flipping shit if we don’t get answers soon.

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