Communication Platform and Cross Channeling

I could be wrong but i think we should keep our options open on making progressives being the future of independent party. The democratic establishment is going to continue to piece meal bills and though some good we cannot keep waiting around for budget bills or jaypal to remember shes progressive she lets non progressives in.

Second constant cross channel communications. I have a very minor show named independent Conversations where i talk about many things but i would never deny progressives on to keep the algorithm on our side and lowering bad opinion pieces from the right

Third clear simple party standards. Like three things increase the minimum wage to keep up with inflation ,paid family leave single payer health care. Dont over stuff the platform make it simple. Voter rights can be dirst.

But we can not expect people like joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema to give us thess things even on reconciliation they love negative pressure im from Arizona myself and we need to vote mr. Ruben Gallego if we are going to have our best shot at our goals as well as katie porter in ca.

Lastly we need to make sure our own elected leaders are talking to each other. It sounds like they are not unless their in the majority and we must continue to offer support to the gop people willing to do bipartisan bills.

Forgive me of im preaching just offering my 2 cents.

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Thanks for your two cents

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Jaypal is no fighter. I think this is the difference between the cadet and the veteran.

One way to understand this dynamic is to understand an observation a battle field commander made. Things are never as good or as a bad as when they are first reported. In other words the shock of the new information triggers our propensity for embellishment.

I think the tolerance for this embellishment is how we were largely divided politically. This is also due to death being a fact of rural living. This makes for a tolerance for dark humor and embellishment in their communities. Urban areas tend to be more reputational driven. This is due to the fact that everyone doesn’t know everyone. So you must have an honor system to account for this. Taking yourself seriously is a quality to an urban minded person and a flaw to a rural minded person.

Your not wrong. Jaypal biggest mistake i would argue would be her honor system politics.

I mean look at biden he actually had thr right approach for build back better and the infrastructure bill. And everyone made sure in the Democratic party not the progressives that thos approach would fail.

I often talk about what would this country look like if biden had secured the 3.5 trillion 10 year deal. The only thing he would of failed on was votive rights and Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin even though they authorized 3.5 trillion couldn’t be bothered to spend it.

I do apologize if im ranting but like cenk does say biden did putbforth bold proposals that failed in the senate. I often wonder if the real solution is just getting rid of the senate? Maybe im nuts

Back to Jaypal if your going to call yourselves a leader of progressives first ditch the Pelosi type spies. Second get talking and challenge the establishment

Also i have seen recently that even democrats don’t have plsnning sessions for futures billsvm we need to force them to work with the people who could get to 217 or 218 and get wins.

Im considering myself running for congress in 2026 when my progressive law maker retires. If i get there we are changing the progressives movement in the house especially by cross sentate communication

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The more the better. I think we need a deeper bench of picks across the board.