Congress is broken, yet a path remains. We need a CFR amendment first!

Until Congress shows that it both wants and is able to respond to the will of the living, breathing people, every calorie spent lobbying them is squandered.

No single issue can be addressed until the wealthiest donors are no longer the only voices Congress is willing to consider, the first issue must be campaign finance reform.

Congress isn’t the only way to get a CFR amendment proposed. It’s more important than ever to push for an amendment at the state level, where the state legislatures are still able to be swayed by the citizens.

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I think there should be a crowd sourcing protest done by registering lobbyist. We need to turn it into a gig where we can pay for a protest lobbying effort. This would look like maybe several chipping in for a TYT infantry member to get paid for their time in contact X person about Y topic. We could then have them film the interaction and use it for data gathering purposes and proof of work. There could be interesting information come from this as well maybe even content. As well as attrition the more we contact a office the more staffers they need to run it.