Controlling spending and fraud so the money can be used for better things

This might be too in the weeds for what your looking for but I think it would be a good idea if your ever in a position to do it.
I work for a govt agency that has to pay contractors. There were two issues ( the same I believe at a larger scale for the govt. ) 1. Invoices for items with no limit or idea what it should cost. 2. Fraud.
We solved one by taking every single item and task and found a fair range of how much it should cost. Did this take a long time to set up yes. But was it worth it yes. We programmed that in to a system every invoice goes through. It does not pay out for over the decided amount. No more $300 toilets. It does have to be updated as prices change etc.
2. Set up data analytics to detect fraud with programmed red flags.
Would it be a huge undertaking yes but accounting for every dollar and not over paying contractors etc seems desperately needed. The software is already out there. You could do something similar for healthcare.
No more handing over money for programs or contractors etc without accountability, they should all be able to pass an audit with the exception of security intelligence etc that would leave us vulnerable.

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Until we have public funding of elections this won’t happen. That is the true battlefield and unless we go all out to stop the bribery none of our ideas will make any headway.

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We used to have a bounty system for waste, fraud, and abuse. Basically if you found something that wasn’t legit, and your tip caused the discovery you could be awarded a small portion of the money. I think the issue now would be partly anonymity but something like that may work.

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I can’t go into to many details but allot of what we do has to be approved. This since it was management of a pot of money already designated for specific things was just audit and fraud measures so didn’t have to create new rules or modify regulation. Has saved millions and after about a year of getting dinged the contractors worked well with in the system.

I would guess most contracts are put out to bid under certain regulations but we know money can influence who gets those. But maybe if the crooked ones knew they had to face auditing measures they would no longer be interested.

This should be seeded by / or be the seed of a public option (credit bureau), and auditing of credit bureaus. This could be modeled using in part a crowd source fact collection system. This system could employee a bounty and reputation system. I suggest it has redundancy in collection. It should also have an onboarding process that uses recommendations from others(inside or outside of the organization).