Create Happy Memories

Hi, i thought I’d share one of my “happiness acquisition strategies”- aka haqs, and that is to intentionally make happy or positive memories.

At first it might seem odd because it’s not something we normally do; usually we simply think back on happy memories. In this strategy you purposely take a moment thats negative or neutral and find something about that situation, place, time, folks, or whatever and make it happy. In other words, reframe it, in that moment.

For me, its more powerful to do that in the moment, not as you’re thinking back. You can reframe old memories but the point is being happy now.

Two quick examples.

Ive been seriously ill for about 3 weeks now and this past sunday I had some significant shortness of breath. So my husband and I went to the ER. Obviously, I was feeling utterly awful.

It was pretty busy and the staff were working hard. Thats when i decided to focus on funny. I started with self-deprecating comments. Soon my husband joined in and we had everyone laughing & saying how funny we are.

I still felt awful, but my memory of the visit isn’t about that, its about laughs.

This morning I walked downstairs and found a torch shining on my wall.

Minecraft of course.

It’s in my livingroom where there’s chaos everywhere. Plushies, hot wheels, pokemon, transformers, Lego, super heroes, and more. I was exasperated. But then I thought about it differently.

Over time the toys will be put in bins. And at some point my 10yo will stop pulling them out, just as our 25yo did. For a couple of years between them, we had a clean floor.

BTW, Lego-free rugs are amazing.

We only have a few more years of this stage, and honestly, we want to shovel up at least half of the toys right now.

But I have to laugh at it all. My quirky boys, our cute neurotic dog, the chaos, and everything else.

I don’t mind the strange torch. It makes me smile.

Plus I know that come Christmas, I’m totally hanging a wreath on it.



Sorry to hear about the ER trip.

I am not a parent but many seem to miss the early years even though it looks like pure chaos.

I can only imagine it is like pure joy mixed with PTSD. Trying to keep them alive as they are more and more curious. If they don’t learn they just seem to get into more and more danger as they get older.


I hope you are feeling better and getting answers. Do you know what is wrong?

Regarding everything else–Oh my God, I love this! :heart:


For not being a parent, you summed it up perfectly! :joy:


Thanks so much!

As to what happened, It started as a cold but after the first week, it turned into a 2 week long fever battle. By this past sunday, i was severely dehydrated, had shortness of breath, and my white blood cell count was sky high.

I’ve never been this sick; I’m on week 4. Thankfully i tested negative for almost everything.


Thanks, im feeling better. Slowly, but I’ll take anything.

Youve described raising kids perfectly. And it’s totally true about the danger. I live in a rural setting and the things the tween boys are into are crazy. Im just hoping i can keep him engaged enough so he doesn’t wander into it.

Specifically, shooting games, pellet guns, and the scariest of all, kids of MAGA parents. I’m 100% serious about that.


You should be fine. Lots of us have to stick together out here in the deep red. My best advice is support don’t mandate when possible.

I will say that counter culture can be much stronger and rural areas. As well as Starlink has given folks the ability to move from the rural towns / cities.


I totally agree.

Im lucky because my nearest neighbors are democrats. Theyre wonderful, kind, and caring.

Which leads me to why i think my youngest will be ok. He has empathy. I believe that when you truly care for others, you look at the policy options and its a no brainer.


Dear Dawn , I sincerely hope you get better soon. I know what it is like to have chronic medical issues. Cheers, Jack


I am so sorry you are dealing with this! Am I right to assume they tested for pneumonia? The high WBC does make you think of infection, but have they looked into cardiac or cardiopulmonary explanations? (Please tell me to mind my business if I’m being a pest.)


Rural MAGA is no joke!

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Thanks Jack,

Its been rough, but I’m slowly on the mend.

Chronic health issues are so tough. Im thankful that i have the support from friends, family, and this community.

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Oh they tested for everything. They think it was a perfect storm kinda thing. It started with a cold and it eventually turned to an ear infection.

But then i changed meds , one a patch. This caused a spiral. The fever increased my absorption rate. I was sweating and lost fluids. Then my breathing was depressed (a major side effect of my medicine).

By the time i got to the ER my potassium was extremely low, wbc extremely high, and i had a lot of trouble breathing.

But im alive & kicking!
Ok, maybe not kicking, but ill get there. :heart: