Criminal Drug Cartel to Legitimate Pharmicudical Enterprise

Something I’ve considered for some time. It would be incredibly costly to resources and human life to employ a scorched earth policy on cartels. However, it might be reasonable to argue that they’d appreciate not having to worry about feds taking down their operations. So what if we worked with the local governments to give them the option and training to become legitimate businesses? A drug cartel could become a proper manufacturer of medicine. They think narcotics make them rich but producing life saving medicines that can be sold across the planet would make them wealthy.

This effort would also cost resources but the result would reduce costs involved in trafficking and illegal immigration as the main driving force of illegal immigration is fear. They run for the border because it might work out but staying put is a death sentence. If the cartels are suddenly law abiding businesses you then slash the number of persons running for the border.

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This idea is gifted because it’s so obvious :flushed::heart_eyes:

It’s precisely why companies like Seagram’s had huge cash reserves when prohibition ended.:smirk:

Imagine the billions spent on putting people into cages because they needed to temporally alter the hellscape of their lives where multiple jobs are how far too many try to survive.

For profit prisons would disappear without nonviolent narcotics convictions

And all by doing the obvious and following a proven example of decriminalization of all drugs, the end of “ProhibitionV2.0-the drug war” and use that money to rebuild lives.
This would literally save “trillions and billions” :smiley::+1:

Trillions of dollars and billions of people :revolving_hearts::hugs::revolving_hearts:

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